Falling For Two

Meg Fallowes is back, with a baby! Her and Joe have just moved into their new house and were planning their wedding. All in all life is good, but what will happen when Meg's ex Jack comes back into her life once more? Find out in the sequel to my popular story, Falling For You.


3. Crying Game

It was 3am. Meg was lay in bed when she suddenly heard an almighty wail. "Sofia! I'm trying to sleep!" She mumbled under her breath before getting out of bed, putting on her dressing gown and walking into her daughters pink room where she was lay in her cot crying. "Come on" she said, hauling her child out of the cot and cuddling and comforting her. "Come on baby, sshhh" she said, grabbing a dummy from the changing table. "Joe! Come in here! I need you here!" Meg yelled. "Coming.." He sighed, walking into the baby's room to help his girlfriend. "Pass her here" he said, holding his daughter in his arms and slowly rocking her then she suddenly stopped crying and went to sleep again. "How did you..." She asked. "Mum told me, she did it with me and Zoe to when we were little" Joe explained, slowly placing Sofia into her cpt and covering her with a pink floral blanket. "Come on, I'm tired and she'll sleep until 7 ish now" He said. 

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