Falling For Two

Meg Fallowes is back, with a baby! Her and Joe have just moved into their new house and were planning their wedding. All in all life is good, but what will happen when Meg's ex Jack comes back into her life once more? Find out in the sequel to my popular story, Falling For You.


10. Brighton with Zoe

Meg and Zoe had downed a few coffees before going out into Brighton hungover for  breakfast before Meg headed back to Wiltshire to her fiance and daughter. "Last night is such a blur" Meg said, sipping some coffee out of her mug in Costa  " The last thing I remember is seeing Megan go of with a random guy before we got a taxi home." Zoe said eating some of her cookie. "What times your train?" She asked. "Twelve thirty why?" Meg asked. "I was thinking of coming back home to see mum and dad and of course Joe and Sof" Zoe said. "Come back with me, you can buy a ticket when we get to the station and you'll be packed pretty quickly" Meg said. "Yea, I'll come back. Don't tell Joe or mum and dad I want to surprise them"  "I won't tell a soul" Meg chuckled. So in two hours, Zoe had packed bought a ticket right next to Meg on the train and they were now on there way home. A few hours later and they were at Meg and Joe's house, Joe looking shocked as his sister emerged through the door and Sofia looking excited because she loved her auntie Zoe. "Surprise Joseph!" She squealed, giving Joe a hug. "Hello Sof!" "Auntie Zoe!" Sofia squealed looking at Zoe and giving her a massive hug, which Joe and Sofia liked to call a "Sugg Hug" (a hug between Sofia, Joe, Zoe occasionaly and Meg even though she was yet to become a Sugg). "What's up sis. What you doing here?" Joe asked suprised. "Just a flying visit if you'll have me?" Zoe asked, chuckling. "Of course your welcome come on in and sit down." Joe said. 

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