Falling For Two

Meg Fallowes is back, with a baby! Her and Joe have just moved into their new house and were planning their wedding. All in all life is good, but what will happen when Meg's ex Jack comes back into her life once more? Find out in the sequel to my popular story, Falling For You.


2. Baby Blues

"Meg! Where's the nappies at? Sofia needs changed desperately!" Her fiancé Joe Sugg shouted. "Top drawer in her room! And I changed her 10 minutes ago!" She shouted back from the bathroom in the house they'd lived in for 9 months . "She stinks! I've seen and she really needs changed!" He yelled. "Just do it! I'm trying to have a relaxing bath without any distractions!" She said cheekily. "So your calling me a distraction?" Said Joe, who was stood by the bathroom door with her top off, his tanned six pack looking extremely toned, and leaned in to kiss her. "Where's the baby?" She asked, leaning up to kiss him. "Going off to sleep, I change nappies fast for a man" He said. "Oh really! Your trying to make out your quicker than me? Cos its on Joseph" She chuckled, pulling him down into the bath with her, soaking him head to toe. "Meg! We've just had a baby of your hinting!" He laughed, kissing her and pulling her into his arms. They had been together since before Sofia was born and they were now closer than they had ever been before, having a lot more couple time than ever and having many date nights. "Joe! Sofia's almost one, we should start trying. You said you wanted more kids right?" Meg said, sitting up and looking round at him. "Yea, of course I want more kids, but maybe when Sofia's a little bit older. Can't we wait another couple of months, we can still have sex but just try and keep pregnancy out" Joe explained. "Fine, I get it. Come on we've got a few hours until Sofia will wake up" Meg said, pulling Joe's soaked jeans and boxers off and throwing them on the floor of the bathroom before shutting the bathroom door and turning the lock. 

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