Kidnapped ~Niall~

To be honest I don't really know what to say here to get you to read this. It is not like the usual kidnapping stories. It will be a shorty story as to how its going to end though. I just thought of it and wanted to write it down and thought it was good... so... I hope you enjoy.


2. Where am I?

I opened my eyes slightly. I couldn't see that well because there was only one small lamp in the medium sized room. The lamp sat on an old side table. The paint was worn off the walls around me, leaving a layer of brick beneath it. There was no windows and just one door over to my right. I looked down and I was sitting in a chair, My hands were bound together and so was my feet. I started to panic my head slowly becoming less foggy and realizing that I was kidnapped. I tried thinking back to what happened, all I could remember was that handsome blonde haired guy from the club. He had said my name like he knew me but Ive never met him before, I don't think at least. I don't remember anything after that though... I pulled my bound hands up to my face and wiped the sweat away from my hair line. suddenly the door handle jiggled and the door creaked open. I watched as The guy whom I still don't knows name came in with a sandwich on a plate, a glass of water in his other hand. His eyes met mine and a devilishly good looking smile spread across his face.

"Hello Kari." He said with that same tone from before. He stepped closer to me and set the plate down next to the glass. He then pulled out a knife, I flinched away and he pulled back.

"Im just gonna cut you loose so you can eat. I would never hurt you." His hand reached out to my cheek and brushed across the top. There was something off about him but I have yet to figure it out. "Oh and Im Niall." He stated. With one flick of his knife I was free and I ran my hands over the already showing bruises the tie caused. My eyes shifted towards the door he had left open. My mind instantly running through ways to get free. I looked at the plate on the floor it wasn't too heavy but I could probably knock him down. He cut the ropes around my feet free at that moment. I reached down and picked up my plate with the sandwich on it. I looked over at him, he still sat on the floor in front of me watching me. I have to do it now... Kari just hit him... you have to get free. With out any more thought I swung the plate at his head. He fell backwards grasping his soar. I took off running towards the door. I was half way there when I fell flat on my face my nose colliding with the concrete floor. I felt blood start flowing down my face as I tried to keep crawling but his grip on my ankle was too tight. He had a hold of me and flipped me around to where he now was straddling my waist. He pinned my wrists down with his hands and his face was just inches from mine. I looked up at him and saw blood trickling down the side of his face where I'd hit him. He wasn't smiling his usual smile this time I could tell I made him mad.

"Get off me" I shouted hoping someone would hear me. "Help! Help!" I kept shouting. He moved my hands above my head and held them with one hand. His free hand covered my mouth.

"Kari, no one will hear you. We're miles away from town." He whispered.  amusement shone in his eyes as my stomach dropped. Oh god what am I going to do. He pulled me to my feet and brought me to the bed on the other side of the room. He then set me down on it and tied my hands to the post. He sat on the edge next to me.

"Im not going to hurt you. Don't you understand Im protecting you. From your awful boyfriend, and from the awful world." He looked at me with those blue eyes. He looked hurt like I was the one binding him up to a bed. He cupped my face with his hands and leaned in a little closer. I was trying to pull out of his grasp but he held my tight enough to not get away. "I love you Kari. and now we can be together. don't you see that?" He said quietly. Hes crazy, was all that was running through my mind. This guy is pure crazy. I could tell he was going to kiss me the way he kept staring at my lips. I pressed my lips into a firm line to keep him from doing it but He still did. His lips pressed against mine as best as they could. He moved one of his hands down to my waist. I squirmed against his touch but something about it was just electrifying. I tried denying it but then his lips connected to the sweet spot on my neck. I let out a soft moan at the pleasure he made me feel. He pulled away from me smiling. "See, I make you feel good." He smirked and then stood up. I blushed and looked away. I didn't look up until I heard the door close. I scooted my way down the bed as best as I could to a laying formation and stared up at the ceiling.

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