Kidnapped ~Niall~

To be honest I don't really know what to say here to get you to read this. It is not like the usual kidnapping stories. It will be a shorty story as to how its going to end though. I just thought of it and wanted to write it down and thought it was good... so... I hope you enjoy.


3. Wake Up

I woke to a wet cloth wiping my face. I pulled back startled and saw Niall sitting next to me. He looked at me concerned and then went back to wiping the blood away.

"You have a nasty bruise but I don't think it's broken." He said. He turned to the side to set the cloth down and I noticed his head had stitches in it from where I smashed the plate. I smiled at my triumph of hurting him.

"Hurt?" I asked my voice groggy from not having water in awhile. He looked over at me then noticed where I was staring. His fingers brushed the cut an he winced barely but I saw it.

"No." He said sternly. His eyes looked into mine like he was searching for something. But then he looked away. I've got to be honest with my self I am definitely confused with this guy. Halve the time he's crazy but then the other half he's actually normal. I watched as he stood up and walked to the door not even giving me a second glance.. I sighed and fell back down on the hard bed hoping to get comfortable again. I finally started to dose off

-------------------------------------------------------- "wake up!" I opened my eyes wide. Pushing myself to a sitting position on the bed. I focused on the figure in front of me trying to see who it was. "Damn Niall got himself a good lookin one" the figure harshly said as then a rough hand landed on my thigh right above my knee. I shivered against his touch.

"Who are you?" I harshly asked. "And don't touch me!" My words came out more shaky then I wanted. But he didn't stop his hand slid right up to the edge of my dress which was pulled up to my panties from sleeping. I wiggled against his hand "stop it!" I yelled again. But he smacked me before I could say anything else.

"You're gonna shut up bitch." He spat at me. Tears started to form in my eyes as he grabbed my ankles ad pulled me down. My dress now to the bottom of my breasts. The tears spilled down my cheeks as he climbed on top of me.

"Please don't do this" I managed to get out. The tears making me choke on my words. Hew then covered my mouth with one hand as he pulled the rest of my dress up with his other.

"God you have a hot body." He bent his head down and kissed my neck. I tried to pull away but he just dug his hand into my skin making me scream, well as best as I could with his hand covering my mouth. He felt my breasts and then his hand gradually made it's way down to my panties. His hand slipped in and he rubbed over my clit. I trembled from the feeling I was getting. My eyes rolling back as my back arched forward.

"Please.... Pleas" I was sobbing now he had moved his hand from my mouth and he leaned down placing a kiss to my lips. All of a sudden I didn't feel his weight on me anymore. I opened my eyes trying to blink away the tears to see what was going on. I heard a loud bang and I looked over to the wall. Niall had the man pushed up against it Nialls hands around his throat.

"Don't you ever touch her again." Niall growled and squeezed a little tighter. The man tried clawing at nialls hands but he couldn't get free. He grunted a yes to niall and niall let him fall to the ground. "Get out!" He yelled at him. The man scurried out the door leaving Niall and I alone. Niall faced me and his eyes went over my body. I blushed and try to sit up covering myself but I failed. He walked over to me and unhooked my hands. He then helped me get my dress back on. The whole time he was helping me he didn't even look into my eyes once.

"Thank you" I whispered to him. My hand rested on his softly. He finally looked up at me. His eyes looking all over me.

"Did he hurt you?" He asked. I shook my head.

"Not too bad. Just my waist." I said breaking our gaze. I felt Nialls hand come up to my waist. I flinched but then laid back on the bed letting him take a look. I watched him as he slowly lifted my dress past my hips up my waist. He stopped mid-stomach. His fingers brushing over the bruise from the mans hands. His face showed anger but when he looked back up at me he calmed himself down.

"I'm so sorry kari, I had no intentions for that to happen." Water was forming in his eyes. I had to look closely to make sure I wasn't seeing things. The man who had kidnapped me is now shedding tears at my wounded body. Maybe he really does love me I thought.. Maybe he's just a confused man. I pulled my dress back down and sat up next to him. I found his hand and untwined my fingers with his. I don't know what I'm doing but watching him act this way just makes me feel like he's a little kid needing comfort. He looked at me and I wiped some of the tears off his cheeks. Something deep down tells me he didn't want to kidnap me, well at least this part of him. He's like to minds in one body. That's when it hit me.. He's bipolar. As he stared right back at me he squeezed my hand slightly and a half smile appeared on his face.... And a spark inside my heart.

*A/N- so whatcha think? Oh and is that too much smut? Cause I can cut it out or I can add more just let me know:) *

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