Worth Dying For (Call Of Duty Modern Warfare fan fiction)

I have been play Call Of Duty for a long time now and I figured I should write a fan fiction about it.

This is the story of Chris "Specter" Hansen, a 23 year old Lieutenant with the group known as Task Force 141. He normally carries an AK-47, an LSASS, and a Desert Eagle.


3. Searching for the nuke

We went down the stairs, into the cargo bay where the nuke was supposed to be and we were suddenly attacked by the enemy. I opened fire on the Russians as soon as I heard gunfire from an AK-47 assault rifle.

"Take them out, men!" Shouted Price. "You got it, sir!" I replied back. As I opened fire, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the nuke. "I see the nuke!" I shouted. "Good job, son!" Replied Gaz. "Cover me!" I shouted. I began running towards the nuke while reloading my MP5. I radioed to Overlord to tell them that we've found the nuke. "Skyeye, this is Alpha 1-4, we have the nuke in sight, we still need to clear the area of enemies before you can take the nuke." I said. I then heard a voice over my radio that said: "Copy that Alpha 1-4, we'll be waiting for your signal."

I began taking out as many enemies as I possibly could, but I soon ran out of ammo, and picked up an AK-47 assault rifle and began firing. In no more than two minutes later, the enemies were cleared out of the room. I then awaited for more. When no more enemies came, I radioed to Skyeye. "Skyeye, this is Alpha 1-4, the area is clear of hostiles, you can pick up the nuke. Over and out." I said. I then heard a voice over the radio that said: "Copy that Alpha 1-4, we are coming in to get the nuke. Over and out."

Skyeye then began to lower down a hook to pick up the nuke, but needed to hook up to the nuke manually. I then grabbed a hold of the hook, attached it to the nuke, and then got clear of the nuke. As soon as the nuke was lifted into the air, the freighter began to sink. "She's going under, boys!" Shouted Gaz. I then began running for my life.

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