Worth Dying For (Call Of Duty Modern Warfare fan fiction)

I have been play Call Of Duty for a long time now and I figured I should write a fan fiction about it.

This is the story of Chris "Specter" Hansen, a 23 year old Lieutenant with the group known as Task Force 141. He normally carries an AK-47, an LSASS, and a Desert Eagle.


4. Getting the hell outta dodge

I ran for my life to try to get topside of the freighter, when I was knocked down by a heavy metal pipe that was attached to the wall. I began trying to push the pipe off of me, but failed because of how heavy the pipe was. "Help!" I shouted. "I need help!" I was relieved when Gaz came to my aid to help me. "Son, we're not leaving you behind!" Said Gaz. "Thank you, sir!" I replied "Oi, Price! Help me with this!" Gaz shouted. Price ran over to help Gaz get the pipe off of me. "Don't worry, son, we'll get you out of this!" Said Price. Within two minutes, they got the pipe off of me and Gaz helped me up for us to continue running.

We got outside of the freighter, and ran towards the helicopter that awaited for our extraction. Soap was already aboard, Price and Gaz had just jumped onto the helo. I ran and jumped onto the helo, but I slipped and began falling, until Price took my hand and pulled me into the helicopter. "So, when do I get a callsign?" I asked. "Son, you're callsign is Specter, because you take out your enemies extra stealthy without alerting the other enemies that are nearby." Said Gaz.

We were on our way back to base when we all got word of Khaled Al-Asad killing the president of a small country, Yasar Al-Fulani. I got the thought that we were going to have to go after this bastard. It turns out...we were. General Shepherd had given us the go ahead. "You know what this means, boys." Said Gaz. "We're going after this son of a bitch."


Hey guys, sorry it took soo long to finish this chapter. I finally finished middle school. YAY! I am now a freshman in high school. I just haven't had a lot of time to do this. Thank you soo much for waiting!

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