Worth Dying For (Call Of Duty Modern Warfare fan fiction)

I have been play Call Of Duty for a long time now and I figured I should write a fan fiction about it.

This is the story of Chris "Specter" Hansen, a 23 year old Lieutenant with the group known as Task Force 141. He normally carries an AK-47, an LSASS, and a Desert Eagle.


1. F.N.G.

I was 21 and just a private first class at the time when I joined Task Force 141 and was labeled as the F.N.G. or Fucking New Guy. I walked over to where I was told to go.

"Who's this?" Asked Gaz. "Well, this must be the F.N.G." Replied Price. "That's right. I'm your new addition to the team." I said. "Well then, you better get ready, Soldier." Said Gaz as he handed me a suppressed MP5. "This is going to be combat training. After this stage of combat training, we will move on to weapons training."

I took down one target using only my knife and shot another one in the head as I came through the first doorway. As I reached a room with multiple targets, I threw a flashbang grenade, got behind cover, to prevent being stunned, and opened fire, taking down each of the targets.

It later only took me about a minute and thirty seconds to complete the first course. I than moved on to close quarters combat to finish my training. When I got to the CQC training, I was awaited by Gaz and Price to give me my instructions.

"Okay, Hansen, take out your knife. You'll need to learn how to use your knife as a last resort," Said Price,"if you don't, you'll be nothing but a meat shield!" I took out my knife and awaited further instructions. "Son, knife that target." Said Gaz. I knifed the target and awaited further instructions."Now, take your knife and throw it at the target!" Said Price. I backed up a little bit and threw the knife. It hit the head of the target. Bulls-eye. Next was weapons training. I literally ran just to catch up with my commanders. As soon as we got to the area for weapons training, I stood at attention, awaiting instructions.

"Alright, son, now you're going to learn how to fire weaponry like a soldier." Said Gaz. "First, pick up that Beretta M9 and do some target practice." I found and picked up a Military issue Beretta M92SF with a magazine that holds up to 17 rounds inside of it. 18 if you have one in the chamber from a previous magazine. I then loaded the sidearm and proceeded to do target practice.

I unloaded two magazines into the wooden target that stood in front of me. "Good job, son. Now move on to the Desert Eagle." Said Price. I put down the M9 and saw the most beautiful Desert Eagle that I had ever seen in my life. I picked up the IMI Desert Eagle with a magazine that holds 8 rounds inside of it, a laser sight, and a rubber handgrip on the receiver of the handgun. I then loaded it and proceeded to fire.

I had unloaded three magazines into the wooden target that stood before me. "Good job, son. Let's move onto the revolvers." Said Gaz. I moved onto the revolvers, then the shotguns, then the sub machine guns, then the snipers, then the assault rifles, and then the light machine guns. About three hours and thousands of bullets later, I was ready.

"Alright son, come up here. You're ready." I walked up to where Price and Gaz were at and was immediately congratulated by them for making it into the team. 

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