Worth Dying For (Call Of Duty Modern Warfare fan fiction)

I have been play Call Of Duty for a long time now and I figured I should write a fan fiction about it.

This is the story of Chris "Specter" Hansen, a 23 year old Lieutenant with the group known as Task Force 141. He normally carries an AK-47, an LSASS, and a Desert Eagle.


2. Crew Expendable

We were sent in to remove a nuke from a freighter that was being transported, and was currently somewhere in the Bering Strait. We went in by chopper. I had fallen asleep because of how long it took for us to get to our destination. I was awakened by Soap hitting me in the arm in attempt to wake me up.

"Wake up, new guy!" Said Soap.

I hit him back when I finally woke up.

"Soap, I was awake a minute ago, so you didn't have to keep hitting me." I replied to him.

"You should've said something." Said Soap.

Price cut us both off before I could say anything.

"Both of you, stop it. We're almost there." Said Price.

"How do you know?" I asked.

"Look out over there, Hansen." Replied Price.

I looked off into the distance and saw the freighter that we were going after. We put on our NVG's as we got close to the freighter. Price and Gaz lowered ropes for us to infiltrate the ship. As we got onto the ship, I immediately checked my suppressed MP5 when Price gave the order to open fire on the Russians that were in the first room.

"Open fire, boys." Ordered Price. I opened fire on the Russians like I had been doing this my whole life.

"Just like fucking training." I said.

We walked in the room and proceeded down the stairs to take out the men in the barracks. We then saw a drunken soldier come out of one of the rooms. I hesitated for a bit before taking him out with my suppressed FN Five-Seven sidearm.

"God damn drunks. They're always drinking their vodka!" I exclaimed and started using a Russian accent for the rest of the sentence when I said "They're".

"Nice shot, new guy." Said Soap.

"Stop calling me that, Soap. You were once the new guy too." I said.

"Yeah, but that was a long time ago, Newbie." Soap bragged.

"Soap, stop bragging about how you outrank him, because I outrank both of you. Now, let's get on with the mission." Said Price.

"Thank you, sir." I said to Price.

"No problem. Let's move on, shall we?" Asked Price.

"Yes sir, Captain Price." I replied.

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