The escape

Znc15, Earth's last chance

The first and last Robot to exist on Earth's on going battle field, Znc15 has to stop the war and show that he is not just a weapon. When he finds and builds a close friendship with the commander he has to make a choice that meant forfeiting his life in order to save an entire race of caring human beings.


3. Robots view

That’s when I saw the commander charging towards me at a speed no Olympian could ever compete with. The mud scuffed his clean boots and the jagged edges of metal tore and scraped at his skin as he darted past. I knew he must have realised when I broke free of his commands that I in fact my actions were premeditated. His heart was compassionate as he came back for me, when I am nothing to but a heap of rusted metal.
A red light flashed indicating a movement sensor bomb lay ahead of me. The commander was almost here now with only yards to go but his quick approach was irritating the bomb and I knew that in a few seconds he would be dead.

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