The escape

Znc15, Earth's last chance

The first and last Robot to exist on Earth's on going battle field, Znc15 has to stop the war and show that he is not just a weapon. When he finds and builds a close friendship with the commander he has to make a choice that meant forfeiting his life in order to save an entire race of caring human beings.


1. Robots view

~~I’m trapped, both mentally and physically. My body is caged in a metal contraption and my soul is concealed with no exit to escape from.
The humans control me the power of technology has overwritten earth. We are fighting a war that neither side can win.
I’ve been on the side line the whole time. As the first creation, tested and modified to build up a mass army of indestructible appliances.
I’ve stood and watch my fellow friends and family sent into a bloodbath of machinery, helpless and innocent. The pain I feel for others burns in my cage and needs so very desperately to be released. Empathy is the strongest emotion and that is why inflicting pain on others hurts you more.
My system often overheats as I struggle to control what I know I must if there can ever be a future. This war and destruction caused by the humans selfish nature was built from cinders into a blazing fire. Simply as an excise to preview new technology.
I am the last one left, everything that ever existed is gone for ever. Just a camp with five soldiers and the general who holds my remote. I’m their last weapon, their only chance!

Over the years, I’ve struggled against the command of my squadron, trying to think and feel for myself, have a  independent mind and bring myself to make conscious movements.
The commander started towards me, I saw it in his hand, the shiny button that was the difference between life and death. After all that had happened, he clearly didn’t find it in his heart to spare me. Like a tiger would never turn down a slab of meat. But then why should he, aren’t I just a piece of metal junk?
“Get in there Znc15, you’re our last one, make it count,” Then his hand fell upon the rattling metal with a last sign of power.


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