The escape

Znc15, Earth's last chance

The first and last Robot to exist on Earth's on going battle field, Znc15 has to stop the war and show that he is not just a weapon. When he finds and builds a close friendship with the commander he has to make a choice that meant forfeiting his life in order to save an entire race of caring human beings.


4. Commanders view and end

There was nothing I could do to stop him, but I kept running anyway. A crater lay where the bomb had been and a cloud of smoke that created a wall between me and his metal cage made me feel as distant as ever.
The shock had held me hostage for a few seconds leaving no escape route but to just stand and witness the destruction. I don’t known whether I will move again for the instability in my legs made me certain that my limbs had been replaced by a jellyish substance.
A distant calling from my squadron echoed around my head, but in my confusion I was unable to make out what they said. I took the easy option and just chose to blank it out.
The ashes left an unpleasant yet lingering scent of melting metal and discomposure.
I heard another voice, this time it was louder and full of anguish. The noise was deafening as it changed pitch, almost as if the person couldn’t make up their mind whether to scream or shout. Yes it was definitely a person. But this time I couldn’t block it out. That’s because it was me.
My throat was dry and I was shaking vigorously, for a while I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to stop. I did though. And when everything fell silent, I sank to my knees and embraced the serenity that in fact Znc15 was finally in peace and had left this world full of hate and vice. I realised that is where I want to be too, a place of freedom away from any suffering.
Placing one foot in front of the other, I walked on through the mine field and kept walking until I was no more.

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