Re:Trace: A Future for Our World (Comic)

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  • Published: 3 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 19 Feb 2014
  • Status: Complete
*GCSE ART FINAL PIECE- ALL COMMENTS WILL BE USED ON NOTES PAGE* This is a world with a future, where the air is warm and reality not so sharp. This is what I found after the end.


1. Introduction

Behind two halves of a broken wall, a brother and sister sit under the moonlight. The land they live in is one unfamiliar to both of them. As they both attempt to piece together what has happened to the other, a thousand ears listen in on their conversation. Cast into the distant future of Eldain, they both must come to terms with what has befallen both their allies and their world before finally being able to rest.

This is Re:Trace, a path we all must come across at one time in our lives. But this time it’s different. And as two souls intertwine to walk the same path, the image of their broken world conflicts with what they see before their eyes.


In suburbia, a girl cries out for her friend to stop, unknowing of the apparition that lies before her eyes. This cloaked figure, wearing a skull atop his head, haunts her with memories that could only be those of a past self. Images of a hollow tree and a lifeless body flash before her eyes with the passing of each train, reminding her of something everyone convinces her never happened.

For in this Eldain, all that she knew is gone, and the brother she never thought she had is dead.

‘If we vanished, would you miss us?’

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