A man from another time

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  • Published: 3 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 3 Feb 2014
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A story of a man who fits all the times.He began his life by migrating to another country which Canada.


1. A man from another time

Despite, his family was famous and rich but he wanted to build his own future by himself as he had 5 brothers and 3 sisters.He did not want to live in his father's shadow but he wanted to prove himself and to achieve his dream that wanted since he was little kid playing with his friends his favorable game which the Hotel Game and he usually was the general manager of this play.Therefore,he was graduated in the High Institute for Tourism and Hotels in Alexandria.

Once he reached the land of Canada with his wife,he felt the spirit of challenge inside him and he immediately introduced for a job in a famous hotel but the manager refused and told him they are not in need for this job.He went to him in the second asking for a job in this famous hotel and manager was astonished and told him that he was here yesterday but the answer of Abraham was yes Sir do you have a job the manager with a very astonishing look told him no we are not in need for any new workers now.On the third day he went to the manager in the famous hotel and asked to work for them the manager was so surprised and told him do you know how to make a cup of coffee so Abraham said yes Sir I know how to do it.Sir,I graduated from a high institute for Tourism and hotels I have a diploma and more than this I want to work so hire me for a month without a salary and you will see my experience ,the manager said alright you will work but with nothing for a month.

In the third day, the hotel was hosting the National Book Gallery for the whole week in its biggest hall.

In that day the manager was tired and he was heavy drunk so there was confusion between the team organizing this big event and Abraham was one of this team, so he decided on them to solve  this issue  by making every 500 visitors to enter and there would be a long table containing bread,butter and slices of cold meat so that they enjoy their tour in the gallery and it will take about half an hour for them to complete it and another 500 visitors would enter and another table would be set ,this would increase the visitors entertainment and they would enjoy their tour and have a good memory about this hotel that organized this important National Gallery.

During this weak the hotel became very famous and all of the guests were talking about its good service and how they enjoyed their visit this to the Gallery and they it would be held in the same place next year.In addition to this big goodwill the hotel attained it gained during this week more than it achieve during a whole year.

The week after the Gallery the owners of the hotel decided to promote Abraham in a vital position which is the branch general manager for one of the biggest hotels in Canada.After they told him this he smiled and during his way to home he said in himself here I had achieved my dream and he was very brilliant in this hotel management.

When he reached Canada with his wife, he searched for a job and he found 2 jobs one of them was to wash dishes in hotels and the other one was to a guard a store  so he accepted the first job with humble and happiness as because his real intention before his migration to Canada was to earn his money and to achieve his dream of becoming a general manager of the most famous hotels in Canada. And he really was very brilliant and good in his job.

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