When everyone wanted her

I worked as an escort girl and my job was to takes care of male customers daily. It was all about being the perfect girlfriend for a few hours. Often the guys wanted to have sex, but there were also those who wanted to hang out and just talk.


3. Well done

When the party was over Niall chose to take with me to the hotel, where he probably slept. He had a room and almost seemed nervous to take me there. He opened a bottle of wine and I sat down on the bed. For me, it was common to go with guys, but to Niall it was odd to take a girl to the room.
"So how is it in your job?" he got out and gave me a glass of wine in. I tasted the wine. 
"Well it's okay to meet people, but it's hectic." 
Niall sat down next to me and almost seemed unsure if he behaved like he should against me. 
"Well I guess you get to see much?" 
I laughed a little bit and watched his profile carefully. 
"I'll guess your work is much more exciting than mine?" 
He smiled and looked quickly at me. 
"I don't know, but I love to be on stage and I love to entertain the fans."
It was as if he blushed just by being there. I loved direct his innocence and I couldn't help but wonder why he was single. Had I been a girl, I had thrown myself directly over him, but I knew he didn't felt the same thing. 
"So why me?" I got out of me. "I understand that you are known and you should be able to choose whoever you want. Instead, you rent me in?" 
He blushed again and swallowed. I saw that he was unsure, but eventually he met my gaze. 
"I'm not much for that with relationship and I don't take a girl just because she like me. I want a girl who loves me because I'm me. It's difficult to see if they are serious or just looking for me as a celebrity. "
I understood him. 
"But why pay?"
Niall swallowed again and then he drank wine. 
"I guess it sounded easy when I ended up on your side on the net." 
"Me, mine side?" 
Niall nodded and swept everything off the glass. 
"Yeah, I thought that there was an easy way out, so I called Alva and said I wanted you for the evening." 
I felt proud. 
"But maybe I could have been the wrong girl?" 
Niall shook his head and looked at me again. 
"No, you're perfect, you're worth every dollar I paid."


For some reason dared Niall bend towards me and I felt him gently kissed me. I put the glass down and responded to the kiss. I let my arms slide around his neck and realized that he really wanted more. He almost threw himself over me and pushed me against the mattress. We slid up on the bed and he landed on top of me uncertain. I felt he was horny, but at the same time he hesitated. Therefore, I ended the kiss and smiled at him. 
"You don't need to have sex with me." 
Niall groaned and showed that he really didn't care. Instead, he let his hand pulling up my dress and he caressed my bare skin. 
"Please Kath, let me at least touch you and ..." he paused and started kissing me again. He quickly took off my dress and my bra. He seemed to like to see skin and he looked at me with wide eyes. 
"Damn, you're sexy!" 
I smiled and tried to pull up his shirt. Direct Niall hesitated and looked at me, but eventually he let me undress him. I threw away the shirt and then pulled off his pants. I looked at his underwear that he was excited, which amused me easily.
"Condoms!" I got out of me and Niall hesitated. 
"But if I don't have any?" 
I smiled at him and pointed to my purse. 
"I have!" 
Niall flew out of bed and took out a condom from my purse. He came back to the bed and pulled down his underwear. He tore my panties off and ended up on top of me again. 
"Do you know how to slip them on..... you know?" 
I smiled and nodded. I made ​​sure he ended up on his back and then I opened the condom. He looked at me when I took it over his boner and he groaned lightly.

I sat across his waist and brought his cock against my hole. Niall grabbed my waist and almost forced me to sit on it. He penetrate and I saw how he liked it. As soon as he had penetrated all the way he looked at me. 
"I'm not used to this." 
I laid hands on each side of his head and looked into his eyes. 
"I'll do it. Be still and just tell me about what you want to do."
Niall gulped and nodded. 
"Rid me?" 
I began to slowly bring the body up and down. Niall closed his right eye and held me tighter around my waist. I couldn't let go of his face with my eyes and I actually liked looking at him. Full Nialls face turned red and he grimaced. His mouth was wide open and he forced me to increase speed. I obeyed him and tried to block out what we did. Still, I wanted to be there and I felt how I got him to react with his whole body. I almost bounced against his body and he groaned ever higher.


Right as it was spun us around and he ended up on top of me. Niall took my legs over his shoulders and worked quickly with the body. He opened his eyes and looked straight into mine. It was as if he were in a trance and that he didn't know what happened. He looked down over my body, and he looked down at my most sensitive part. I realized that he wasn't used to naked girls, which only made ​​me like it. Niall wasn't like any other customer and I almost could offer him in the evening for free. Niall leaned over me and put a hand on each side of my shoulders. I was almost double under him and he pushed hard against me. I let my hands caress him over the chest and right away he smiled. It was as if he knew I liked him. His body was sweaty and he was getting quite red by it all. I felt how he was working faster and finally he came. He screamed almost straight out, squeezed his eyes and his whole face.


Niall slumped over me and I felt his sticky body against mine. I took still my arms around his body and stroked his back. He was breathless and he panted against my cheek. It was as if he had got a discharge and it took time to come back.


Eventually he pulled himself out of me and took off the condom. He threw it away on the floor and smiled at me. 
"Thank you!" 
I smiled at him. He started to kiss me and I felt him shaking with everything that had happened. He was tired in the whole body and the only thing he could do was to remain over me. He ended the kiss and buried his face in my neck. 
"You can sleep over." 
I nodded. 
"You have paid for a whole night." 
Niall groaned. 
"Kath, don't mention that again, and let me fantasize that you are mine."


In the morning I left the hotel. Actually, it was a great night and Niall had been more than a good customer. I felt no direct missing after him, but realized that there were good guys out there. Niall was one of the few who didn't only threw himself on me. He was like a little boy and he tested his way. I lifted my cell phone and hit the number to Alva. 
"He's pleased!" I said and smiled. "I think he got a night he will not forget." 
She cheered. 
"Good baby! Make sure you go home and rest now. I give you a few days off and take the opportunity to rest up."
I nodded. 
"Okay, and I get the money?" 
She seemed to like the way I walk straight to the point. 
"Yes, they are already deposited into your account." 
I was happy. 
"Then we be heard?" 
Alva nodded (I think) 
"Yeah, I'll call in a few days."

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