When everyone wanted her

I worked as an escort girl and my job was to takes care of male customers daily. It was all about being the perfect girlfriend for a few hours. Often the guys wanted to have sex, but there were also those who wanted to hang out and just talk.


8. Three.....

"We'll go swimming!" Louis got right it was out from him. I was surprised and looked away towards the lake. 
"I have no swimwear with me?" 
Harry laughed a little bit and stood behind me. 
"Neither do we ..." he mumbled and I noted that both he and Louis began to undress. This made me blush and I was surprised at my reaction. I had seen many naked bodies, but this was somehow different. Louis saw that I hesitated and as soon as he was naked, he helped me. I protest, but he didn't give up. 
"You should bathe baby!" he whacked and smiled at me. "Nobody sees us and we are still not interested." 
I swallowed, and eventually I gave up. I felt how he took off all my clothes and finally I stood naked in front of him. 
"Neat!" I heard Harry say, and he stood near my back again. "You have nothing to be ashamed of."
Louis eyed my body and he raised his eyebrows. 
"I understand why Niall and Zayn likes you." 
I frowned and felt cheap. It sounded as if I were a property and not a person. Louis didn't care that I was annoyed, and he grabbed my hand and pulled me down to the lake. 
"Come on!" he said cheerfully, and we came to the water. I felt that it was cold, but Louis didn't let go of my hand. Harry followed faithfully after us and he laughed when he noticed that I didn't like the cold water.
"Come on girl and follow us." 
I gave him a quick glance and felt the cold water reached up to my knees. 
"I hate the cold." 
Louis continued to drag me into the lake. 
"And? There are those who hate the heat." 
I just sighed and finally I felt like an ice cube. 
"You are crazy!" 
Louis laughed and looked at my grimace carefully. 
"Yes, we are crazy and we invite you on that."


I bathed as they wanted. I swam out and then towards the land. Louis seemed to follow me closely with his eyes, and when I finally wanted to walk put from the water, he stopped me. 
I looked at him with wide eyes. 
"Please, I'm cold." 
I felt how Harry came and stood behind me. He pressed his cold body against me and took his arms around my waist. His lips brushed against my cheek. 
"We own you this weekend." 
I swallowed and realized that they had planned something. 
"Nobody owns me!" 
Louis stood in front of me and he looked down at my waist and down. 
"Maybe not, but we have paid for you."
I was scared, but Harry just held me softly and didn't seem aware of my reaction. 
"We want to test you." he whispered tenderly and kissed my neck. I saw how Louis stood in front of me and he let his hands caress my breasts. 
"We just want to see what we think about girls." 
I swallowed. 
"So I'm a guinea pig?" 
Louis shook directly on his head and looked into my eyes. 
"No, but we just want to test you a little bit."


They pulled me toward the trailer and on the way there I got a towel around your body. Louis steered me towards their bed, and Harry came in after us. 
"So you want to have sex?" I mumbled and noticed that Louis didn't like that I asked. 
"No, we just want to see what you're made of." 
I was impaired on the bed and I noticed that both Harry and Louis were completely in what they did. They pulled off their towels and dried themselves. Then Harry pulled off my towel and placed himself in the middle of the mattress. Louis pulled me down next to him and lay down on my other side. I felt a hand slipped down between my legs and started stroking me. I was still not in the right mood and chose not to show anything. Louis smiled at me and leaned against my face. He kissed me gently and I felt his tongue met mine. I felt that it was Harry who caressed me and slowly he made me spread on my legs. I took my arms around Louis shoulders and he leaned more over me. One of his hands caressed my body tenderly and he seemed to want that I would enjoy. Harry continued to fondle me and actually he got a reaction. His fingers found my clit to react and eventually he made me forget all doubts. He let two fingers penetrating and brought them in and out. I pushed myself harder against Louis and he seemed satisfied with the result.


When I was completely in the movements I felt Louis slowly slid over me. Harry took his hand away and the area was replaced by Louis member. He let it penetrate and he continued to kiss me intensely. I felt how he moved his body and he began to moan lightly. Harry seemed to like to look at us and began to rummage in a drawer. I didn't see what he picked out. Yet I realized that it was lube. He stood under us and spread on Louis buttocks. I understood what he wanted to do. He penetrate and leaned over Louis back. 
"Damn!" murmured Louis directly and groaned higher. He increased the pace and I felt that he loved to be in the middle. Harry began to move on his body and he moaned as loud as Louis. I chose to go with the flow and closed my eyes. It was as if I fell into a reality that didn't exist. What happened, I had only seen in porn movies and I hadn't had a single thought about being involved in it. I felt both Harry and Louis fondled me at the same time. It was happening and I loved it. Okay, I didn't admit it either then or later, but it was exciting at the same time I felt cheap.


I got a great orgasm. I don't know what happened to my body, but I screamed almost straight out and I felt my whole body vibrated. It was as if I became a living dildo and all I did was to lie there. Harry came right after me and I could hear him moaning with pleasure. He lay almost over Louis and showed with the whole body that he came. Louis was quieter. He pressed himself into me and I felt that he ended up in ecstasy. He filled me and was vibrating.


Afterwards, Harry was in the middle of the bed and both Louis and I was close to him. I was falling asleep when I heard Louis whisper to Harry. 
"It was actually wonderful?" 
Harry agreed. 
"She was perfect and I have no regrets." 
"Me neither!"

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