When everyone wanted her

I worked as an escort girl and my job was to takes care of male customers daily. It was all about being the perfect girlfriend for a few hours. Often the guys wanted to have sex, but there were also those who wanted to hang out and just talk.


13. The last night...

Note: rough sex scene! Skip if you want.





When I came into the bedroom again had Liam picked away everything that he had worked with. He had put clean sheets on the bed and he was standing naked in the middle of the floor. I understood that he wanted to get paid for the money he had paid to Alva. He pointed to the bed and I went there. He grinned and stood behind me. He didn't touch my body, but I knew how he almost grinned cold against my neck. 
"I want you to lie down in bed." 
I obeyed him and lay down on the mattress. Direct picked Liam up oil and began to smear into my skin. 
"Tonight we try another stuff." he said and enjoyed I obeyed him. He was almost overly careful to smear me in between my legs and I felt his hand touched me hard. He smiled and groaned. 
"Your pussy is beautiful!" 
I swallowed and tried not to hear his words. Yet I couldn't shut him out, because I was afraid of what he would do.


Liam made ​​me stand on all fours in front of him. I felt how he stood by my legs and I felt his hand touch my over my most sensitive part. He let two fingers penetrate and he groaned. I felt that he was preparing me and finally he brought his cock to the hole. He pushed in and I felt him fill me. Liam grabbed my hips and he slowly began to move on his body. 
"Your ass is so damn right." he mumbled and groaned loudly. He started quite soon bounce against me and I felt how he brought his member faster in and out. Liam moaned louder and he seemed to love being behind me. I felt his hands began to caress my body, but I just hated his hands. My oily body was like clay in his hand and I felt like an object. Liam moaned louder and he forced me to swing back and forth. He squeezed his cock harder and he seemed almost to come, but instead he ended it all and seemed to calm down. 
"WE have all night for us."


I should still be on all fours and he let his hands caress my skin. He lay down on his back under me and brought his lips against my clit. I almost sat on his face and he began to lick me. I was surprised and felt how he got me to like it. I moaned quietly and concentrating on not to show anything open. Liam let his tongue penetrate and I felt how he got me to give up. I moaned loudly and I rode close to his face. 


I ended up with my face down over his cock and slowly began to jerk him off. Liam was still on his back and he took care of me. I began to moan and I couldn't stop bringing her hip against him. I managed to suck him and I got his cock to stand trembling against my face. Liam groaned, but he didn't stop to get me to ride his face. He put me in the fog and when two fingers replaced his tongue, I came. I screamed and I was moving on hips against him.


Liam released me and went away quickly from the bed. He went into the bathroom and washed himself, then he came back. He picked out a big dildo and put you on with a suction cup on the floor. I understood what he wanted me to do. I went up to him and he smiled contentedly. 
"Ride the dildo!" 
I nodded and placed me over it. Then I lowered the body and let the dildo slowly penetrating. I looked up at Liam and he smiled contentedly. I slowly began to ride the dildo and directly placed Liam himself in front of me. He brought his cock against my lips and I let it slip in. I heard he started to moan and he showed the whole body that he loved it all. I don't know how long we were at it. Liam moaned louder and I tried to move up and down against the dildo on the floor. It did nothing to me and I felt that the dildo was unnecessary, but Liam wanted that. He seemed almost completely in my movements and he grabbed my head. When he almost came he tore off my head and backed away from me. 
"Keep riding that dildo." he whimpered out. "And caressing yourself between your legs. I want to see when you are touching yourself and I want to see that you are enjoying."
I obeyed him. I let my fingers caress myself and I continued to ride. I saw that Liam's eyes got big and he just stared at me. I played as if I loved it and tried to moan. My second hand I brought to one of my chest and I stroked it. Liam just gaped and I understood that this was also one of his dreams. I moved faster up and down and immediately he took hold of his own cock. He started to jerk off and he stared down at my body. 
"Move faster." he moaned and let both hands move over his member. I obeyed. I moved quickly and closed my eyes. I felt my body was on every move and actually I got myself to come. I whimpered and I was shaking. I felt his whole body was affected and I was moving the clitoris right up until the feeling subsided.


Liam came up to me and he forced me to go away from the dildo. He laid me on my back on the floor and lay on top of me quickly. I felt he penetrated and he groaned aloud. He didn't move much on his body until he came and I felt him fill me. He whimpered and he shook. He pressed himself against me and I felt his lips against my cheek. 


When he had calmed down, he looked at my face and he smiled weakly. 
"Thanks Kath, what we've done was something I wanted to do for a long time." 
I swallowed. 
"But I don't like it!" 
He laughed and squirmed away from me. He sat down on the floor and stared at me. 
"Admit that it was exciting?" 
I shook directly on my head. 
"I hate it!"


Once I had showered Liam gave me my clothes and he smiled big. 
"You may go now!" 
I was fast. I put on all my clothes and I made ​​sure I looked okay, then I ran almost out of room.

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