When everyone wanted her

I worked as an escort girl and my job was to takes care of male customers daily. It was all about being the perfect girlfriend for a few hours. Often the guys wanted to have sex, but there were also those who wanted to hang out and just talk.


7. The caravan

Alva rang when I least expected it. 
"You have been double-booked this weekend. Friday to Sunday." 
I was cold in the body. 
"A holiday weekend?" 
She laughed a little bit. 
"Harry and Louis want to have you. I don't know if they just want company or not, but I took extra charge." 
I was surprised and the first thought that popped up was the threesome? Were the guys that type who wanted to test how it was to be three in a bed? I laughed a little bit at the idea. First I hadn't encountered it yet, and secondly, I wondered why they wanted me for a whole weekend? 
"Okay!" I got out of me. "And they're looking for something sexy?"
She laughed .
"No, and that's what's so funny. You can dress as you like and they promised to take care of you. It sounded as if they asked the mom if they could take her daughter to the prom. I said it was up to them."
I smiled and sat down. 
"Okay, so where will they pick me up?" 
She cleared her throat a little. 
"Louis got your work number, so he sends a message to you. I said they don't get to know where you live and they were okay with it."


I did indeed receive a message from Louis. 
"We'll pick you up outside the station at six o'clock, and pack a bag with normal clothes." 
I swallowed and answered him. 
"Okay, I stand outside there at six o'clock." 


I must admit I was surprised when Louis and Harry showed up with a car and a caravan. I didn't know what to say and I quickly jumped into the back seat. 
"Hello again!" they said in their mouths at each other. I smiled a little bit and put the bag beside me. 
"So where are we going?" 
Harry laughed a little bit and looked quickly at me. 


We went out of London to the country. I sat quietly and thought most of nature outside the car. Louis drove the car and he was talking all the time with Harry, who was sitting next to him. I heard they were talking about music and about things that would happen to One Direction in the spring.


We arrived at the lake and the car stopped at the edge. We all jumped out of the car and I was surprised when Harry and Louis posed the caravan at a corner. So we would stay in the wilderness? I followed them with my eyes and saw how they got up the awning to the caravan. Then they seemed to notice that I didn't do anything. 
"Help us!" Harry got out and gave me a directive to help. 
"Okay ..." I mumbled and did everything that they wanted. When we were done, both Louis and Harry went happy. They began to empty out of the car and I saw everything from food to clothing. I took out my bag in the trailer and put it in one corner. 
"You can set it on the bed." Harry said direct and pointed to some cabinets. "Pick up your clothes there."


When we finished, put Louis the kettle on and we sat down at the small table in the caravan. Harry was in a good mood and looked at me with wide eyes. 
"You want to know what we want?" 
I nodded. Harry noticed that I wasn't comfortable and I wasn't sure. 
"We don't want to hurt you." he continued cheerfully. "We heard how Niall and Zayn were talking about you and we were curious about you as a person." 
Louis agreed and seemed to get the water to boil. 
"Harry and I are gay and a couple." he got out himself and I balked. 
Louis laughed a little bit and gave me an amused glance. 
"We are a couple in secret and not many people know about it. So we are not interested in girls in a normal way."
I looked at them both and thought about where I came into the picture. Louis understood my thoughts and poured the water in the cups. 
"We just want to hang out." 
I swallowed and followed him with my eyes. 
"Hang out?" 
Harry laughed and nodded. 
"We are just looking for friendship so you can relax and just enjoy the weekend." 
I realized that they wanted me to just be me. They didn't want to have sex and they didn't use me. In a way I felt immediately calm throughout the body. I understood that I wouldn't be forced into something. Still, I wasn't sure, because it was not normal for guys rented a girl just to hang out.


Later that night they grilled meat outside and we ate food in the tent. I sat and just listened to them. They talked a lot, and they began to feel comfortable with me. Louis and Harry slowly began to openly show their feelings for each other and they kissed sometimes. I smiled and actually it was nice that no one wanted me.


I had to sleep on one side of the caravan. Harry and Louis were in the big bed and they pulled a curtain so they could be private. I lay down and heard how they kissed each other and giggled. I realized then that I had experience sex but as a outsiders. They groaned as quietly as they could only but they couldn't fool me. 
"Damn what nice you are!" Louis mumbled and groaned. "Lay still baby!" 
I smiled weakly and laughed at it all. They were moving faster and in the end they both seemed happy. I heard they calmed down and eventually fell asleep. I smiled and I was happy that they remained there.


In the morning, I heard Louis was outside the trailer and arranged with breakfast. Harry showed up and pulled off my blanket. 
"Rise and shine." he got out. "We're going to eat!" 
I yawned and nodded. I felt that I had been sleeping off and actually it was a beautiful morning. I jumped out of bed and went out to them. Louis smiled at me and sat down on a chair. 
"Come out hottie." 
I smiled and sat down. 
"You are early birds?" 
Harry nodded with satisfaction and kissed Louis quickly. 
"We're always up in the morning so that we have time for each other." 
I smiled at them and enjoyed. It was wonderful to see true love and they seemed not directly bother me.

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