When everyone wanted her

I worked as an escort girl and my job was to takes care of male customers daily. It was all about being the perfect girlfriend for a few hours. Often the guys wanted to have sex, but there were also those who wanted to hang out and just talk.


14. Suicide?

I called the Alva and told her what had happened. Direct I was free  for a week and I puffed out. I lay in bed and I didn't feel like doing anything but just sleep. It took a few days for my body to be the same again and I dreamed almost nightmares about Liam. I promised myself never to do it again and never let someone else decide over me.


In midweek called my work phone. I knew I had to respond, but to my great surprise, it was Niall. 
"I can't get you." he said, and had panic in his voice. "You don't work?" 
I swallowed and tried not to tell the truth. 
"I had a couple of tough nights." I said and sighed. "I need to rest!" 
Niall almost sounded like he was crying. 
"Please Kath I have to see you." 
I shook the on my head. 
"There are other girls you can hire." 
He sobbed. 
I didn't want to give up. I still had pain in my body and I didn't feel like being social. I didn't want to see him or any other guy. 
"I need to rest!"
I chose to hang up. I couldn't talk to Niall and explain the difference between me and a normal girl. I didn't have to say a lot of words that he wasn't listened to.


At night, I woke up to big knock on the door. I heard Alva's voice and she had panicked.
"Please open up, darling!" 
I was surprised and put on a robe. I went to the door and unlocked it. In stormed Alva, two policemen and a panicked Niall. I just stared at them and didn't know what to say. 
"Are you hurt?" asked Alva and eyed me. "Niall said it sounded like you thought about committing suicide?" 
I understood what Niall had done. He had lied to meet me and I saw at him that he almost felt ashamed. 
"No I'm not going to die yet." I got out of me. The policemen saw how my ankles looked. It seemed bruises on long road and I realized that they would ask questions. Therefore, I made sure they didn't see my wrists. I took the robe tighter around the body. Alva understood what the officers saw and she quickly pushed them out of my apartment. 
"Thank you for lined up, but I'll take over from here."


"What the hell is happening here?" Alva exclaimed as soon as she had closed the door. I smiled weakly and looked directly at Niall. 
"You tricked her?" 
Niall nodded weakly and blushed. 
"I wanted to meet you!" 
Alva understood immediately what it was that had happened. She calmed down and walked over to me, then she forced me to show her all the bruises. She eyed my body and gave me a worried look. 
"He was violent?" 
I nod. 
"He decided everything and I was tied up in the bed one night."
Niall understood immediately what we talked about and I saw that he didn't like the subject. 
"Who is he? I can kill him?" 
I laughed and shook my head. 
"Niall, you know I can't directly give back for this?" 
He shook his head. 
"No, you have the same rights as everyone else, but ..." 
Alva interrupted him. 
"Please just say nothing and say nothing more to us."


The evening came and we sat in the kitchen and drank tea. Niall was as quiet as he could be, but he let me not go with his eyes. When Alva would go, she looked long at Niall. 
"And what shall we do with you?" 
He was surprised. 
"What do you mean?" 
Alva laughed a little bit and seemed amused. 
"We kill those who know too much." she said jokingly. Niall believed in her and immediately he got panic. 
"I promise I will not tell anyone where she lives., I'll be quiet and ..." 
Alva started to laughing. 
"I'm joking!"
Niall puffed out and let his eyes slide between us. 
"I promise to be quiet!" 
I believed him. 
"You're not my friend and you can't stay here." 
He didn't give up. 
"You're hurt and I can take care of you. Please let me bother about you and give you food and ..."
Alva took her hand against his shoulder and looked at him with sympathetic eyes. 
"I know you think you love Nelly, but she's not such a girl as you need." 
Niall was startled. 
Alva realized she had said too much. 
"Or what you call her?" 
Niall shine directly up and looked at me. 
"Your name is Nelly? I knew you wasn't named Kath, but Nelly? It's a beautiful name!"
I just wanted to die. He learned too many things about me, and he knew too much about me. I didn't want the customers knew everything and I didn't want to be me in front of them. 
"Forget it!" 
He shook his head, and he seemed almost to enjoy the moment. 
"I'll stay and I'll make sure you get better." 
Alva gulped and she shook her head. 
"What happens next? Nelly is working for me and she will not stop. What do you do? Looks at her when other guys go up to her and can you handle that she's with them?" 
Niall swallowed and frowned. 
"Nelly can stop. She could be like a normal girl and I can help her." 
I took my hands over my face and just wanted to just throw him out. 
"Niall, I'm a whore!" 
He shook his head. 
"No, you're a girl who's wonderful."
I chose to be honest and I looked at him. 
"Niall, all your friends have hired me. I've fucked with Zayn, Liam and with the gays." 
He was startled and just stared at me. I knew I hurt him, but I was honest. Alva understood what I was doing and she approved it. Niall was silent before he shook his head. 
"It's not your fault and I'll make sure they don't do it again." 
I sighed and realized that he turned around on all my words so that it suited him. 
"Do you know who it is who hurt me?" 
He looked down at my wrist and seemed almost surprised. I smiled weakly and showed him my bruises. 
"Your friend Liam and he was tough. He made me do a lot of things and he hurt me. I had to do it because he paid for it."
Niall stood up and he left the kitchen. I felt like a bad person but at the same time I didn't want him to love me. No one would get me and I was not worthy of a genuine guy. 
"You were right!" Alva whispered and smiled at me. "He should realize that it's not working like in the movies and real life isn't a fairy tale." 
I was surprised when I heard Nialls voice. He had called up another person and he stood with the cell phone to his ear. 
"You're fucking crazy!" he shouted. "I have seen what you did to Kath and I not approve that part. I'm not your friend any more and if touch her ​​again, I'll kill you."

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