When everyone wanted her

I worked as an escort girl and my job was to takes care of male customers daily. It was all about being the perfect girlfriend for a few hours. Often the guys wanted to have sex, but there were also those who wanted to hang out and just talk.


2. My job

I woke up when my work phone vibrated so it almost went down on the floor. It was my day off and I sighed directly. It took me a few seconds before I responded. 
I heard Alva's voice on the other end. She was the one who ruled over the firm and the one who got everything to go around. 
"I know that you're free Nelly, but I need your help." 
I looked at the clock and swallowed. 
"What or maybe the question is who?" 
She laughed and I heard that she was stressed. 
"We have a special customer and I know no one else will fit into his description." she murmured. "He wanted a blonde girl with blue eyes and not to small breasts. Anna is already busy and going away in this moment. You are the only one left."
I yawned and felt not to say yes. Probably heard Alva I'd hesitate. She cleared her throat quickly. 
"You get five thousand dollars to be with him one night." 
I still wanted to say no, and direct, she seemed to understand it too. 
"Okay, I'll give you two thousand extra from my wallet and then you don't give us anything." 
I balked. 
"Is there a president in town?"
She hesitated. 
"No, but an important future customer. If we get him to be satisfied, we are guaranteed to get more of his kind to call here." 
I felt my whole body screamed no. 
"Okay then," I murmured. "But what's he want?" 
She laughed, delighted and I heard that she was relieved. 
"Everything is on your mail and all the details are there. Thanks, you are my princess."


I picked up the laptop and put it in your lap. I went into my mail. There was a letter from Alva. 
"Niall Horan age 20. Want a blond cute girl with blue eyes, slim body and bite-sized breasts. He wants you to dress casually and not too much make up. Brief: Go with him to a party, where other artists attending."
I understood why this was an important customer. Niall would spread out how good I was and then would other artists like to have a girl from the firm.
"The customer will pick you up outside the firm at six o'clock and you stay with him until he asks you to go home. He's not sure how long he needs you, but probably all night."


Okay, I could do nothing but make myself prepared. I showered and went through all of my work clothes. I had a custom made wardrobe which contained everything from cute little dresses to prom dresses. I always had to be prepared to dress according to customer requirements. This day, I chose lingerie that fit twenty year old guy and I chose a dress that wasn't challenging but that showed my body. I let my blonde hair to be released and instead got an innocent look.


I took a taxi to the firm. I jumped out and immediately came Alva walking to me. She looked pleased and called me from the bottom up. 
"Yeah that was a good choice!" she said. "He didn't want a girl who looked like a whore, or like a paid girl. You look great!" 
I gulped and looked at the clock. 
"So where's he?"
She looked at the clock to.
"He's coming." 

It didn't take long time until a car came and it jumped out of a blonde guy. I was startled because he didn't look old. He had a boyish face, but he looked manly. He seemed to understand that I was the girl who would come along. Alva spun around and got a big smile on her face towards him. 
"Hello, Mr. Horan!" 
He smiled at her, but saw more at me. It seemed as if he was satisfied with me and he walked up to me. 
"What's your name?" 
I swallowed and noted that Alva was nervous. 
"I usually say that you can call me whatever you want, but call me Samantha." 
Niall frowned directly on the forehead. 
"It doesn't suit you."
I noted that he had blue eyes and was actually cute. He raised one eyebrow and looked at my face. 
"I don't call you Samantha, but Kath." 
I swallowed. 
"Okay, then we say that my name is Kath?" 
He then looked at Alva. 
"And she knows everything?" 
Alva nodded and looked so officious at him. 
"Yes, she knows everything and I promise you that she's one of the best in the company." 
Niall didn't care, and showed me that we would go. He opened the car door and I jumped into the seat.


Niall sat behind the wheel and he looked at the road all the time. We drove towards the city center and it was several minutes in silence. Finally he cleared his throat lightly. 
"You know I'm not looking for sex?" 
I looked at him and smiled relieved. Finally one who could talk or do something with me. He gave me a quick glance and seemed unsure of what to say. 
"You just say you're my friend Kath and that you are only in town for a few days?" 
I nodded. 
He seemed to think a little bit on the second allternativ. 
"Or should I say your my cousin?" 
"You decide." 
Niall looked quickly at me again and then smiled weakly. 
"No, you are a close friend and I took you as my date this evening."
I didn't mind being a friend or a relative. 
"OK, buddy!" 
He was startled and then laughed. He looked at me quickly. 
"So you're not such a girl who just wants to touch me?" 
I shook my head immediately. 
"Everyone thinks we're just looking for sex, but I'm being honest when I say that there are still guys who just want to talk." 
Niall puffed out. 
"Yes, from Alva, it sounded as if everything was about sex?" 
I laughed a little bit. 
"We don't care? I promise to be your friend today and I will not do something silly." 
Niall nodded and driven in on a new street. 


We came to the party and Niall parked car. We jumped out and walked toward the entrance. Niall kept close to me and he seemed nervous that I was there. We got almost to the door when a curly-haired guy came towards us. 
"Niall, you came?" 
Niall hugged him and smiled big. Then he looked quickly at me, 
"Harry, this is an old friend of mine. Kath! Kath this is Harry." 
We greeted to each other and I noticed that Harry called me. 
"Oh Niall, have you been hiding her?" 
Niall blushed and seemed almost embarrassed. 
"No, but we haven't been seen in a few years."


I realized that Niall belonged to a group. Harry wasn't just the only one, but Niall had even Louis, Liam and a guy named Zayn. The five formed the group One Direction. I hadn't heard anything about the group before, but played like I knew everything. By asking the right questions and listen, I understood that they had come third in a television program and then become famous worldwide.


"You're doing a great job." Niall murmured in my ear. We stood and looked out over a dance floor. There were more artists, but I had learned in my job that no one was more worthy than anyone else. For me it was just people's faces with names. 
"Thank you!" 
Niall took for the first time his arm around my waist and I understood that he wasn't used to having a girl beside him. 
"I hope I'm doing well?" he got up and smiled at me. "I don't want you to think I'm an idiot." 
I laughed a little bit and shook my head. I gave him a light kiss on the cheek. 
"You're okay Niall. A little innocent but you are charming."
Liam came up to us and I noticed that he seemed a little too much interested in my breasts and my body. 
"So how's it going?" 
Niall smiled at him and just seemed proud that I was his. 
"Just fine. Yourself?" 
I stood closer to Niall and tried to avoid his gaze. Liam smiled and didn't let me off with your eyes. 
They chatted a bit and when Liam had gone away, I looked at Niall. 
"Is he always so disgusting to girls'" 
Niall smiled a little bit and seemed to understand what I meant. 
"I don't really know. I haven't thought about it, but the others find it easier to get girls!" 
I chose to smile at Niall. 
"I had chosen you!" 
He lit up and seemed almost proud. I saw that he blushed, which only caused him to become prettier in my eyes. 
"You blush!" I whispered amused. Niall gulped and looked down at the floor. 
"You could say that I'm not the one who usually get compliments from girls. They only finds me funny, but nothing else."

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