When everyone wanted her

I worked as an escort girl and my job was to takes care of male customers daily. It was all about being the perfect girlfriend for a few hours. Often the guys wanted to have sex, but there were also those who wanted to hang out and just talk.


17. Love

Niall let one hand rest on my hip and with the other he gently caressed my cheek. He looked straight into my eyes and he looked at me with such warm gaze. 
"You may not know what true love is?" he whispered. "It's when you can't stop thinking about a certain person. Stomach tingles and the only thing you want to do is make the person happy. One wants to save her from everything and you just want to take care of her." 
I wanted to back away, but I couldn't. He pulled me towards him and it was like he hypnotized me. He let his hand slip from my cheek and back around my neck. He smiled weakly and seemed charmed by just being where he was. 
"Nelly, I love you and I know it's wrong., You don't need to explain everything about your work and actually I don't care."
I swallowed and didn't utter a word. He bent his hand behind my neck and slowly he steered me towards his face. Our lips met and he kissed me. It wasn't one of those sloppy kiss you can give. It was a love fill kiss, tentative and a bit shy. His lips were so soft and he almost stroked them over mine. He smiled and looked at me again. 
"Admit that you feel a little for me?" 
I swallowed and just gaped. What would I say? One side of me was interested, but my common sense wouldn't. 
"We can't!" I whispered. "You know that's not possible, it will not work out."
Niall didn't care. He took both of his arms around my waist and pulled me towards him. I could feel his every move and I could feel how he held me softly. 
"I believe that one can't say that." he whispered on. "You don't know what you're missing and I can't prove that I'm perfect for you." 
His lips met mine again and he kissed me again. I couldn't resist and I felt that he slowly became more intense. It was as if I ended up in a trance, but my mind screamed no.


Niall lifted me up in his arms and carried me to the bed. He kissed me all the time and he left nothing to chance. It was as if he had already decided and I couldn't resist. He laid me down on the bed and quickly came on top of me. I continued to kiss him, and took my arms around his neck. I felt Niall caressed my body and he slowly pulled up the dress I was wearing. I groaned and directly he tore off my dress. It was as if he realized that he influenced every inch of my body. I felt that he did that to me and I wanted actually to have him. Niall kissed me again and this time I felt his tongue meet mine. I felt his hands pulled off my bra and then slid his clothes off. I was just with my ​​panties on, but he stripped off completely naked.


Niall caressed me, and he did it all, but he didn't have sex with me. I spread my legs and felt that he had boner. He pressed it against me and rubbed it against the right place. I felt his hand slip back inside my panties and I felt how he caressed me. It was as if I ended up in another state and he could do whatever he wanted. I moved into his pace, I groaned and finally I felt that he made ​​me want to do everything. I tried to pull down my panties, but Niall didn't allow it. Instead, he let two fingers penetrating and direct, I whimpered. I moved on my hips against him and I found that I loved it. Niall ended the kiss and looked at me. I saw that he was happy and he wanted me to enjoy. He built me up and he put me where I haven't been before. I was in ecstasy and finally got my whole body an outbreak. I screamed almost straight out when I got the orgasm. Niall moved his hand right up until I collapsed. I breathed and just stared at him. Niall smiled and took his hand away. 
"Everything isn't about sex," he mumbled. "It's all about give and take. One should not give all the time and you've given so that's enough."


I fell asleep in Nialls arms. The last thing I thought about was, "Who the hell is he?"

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