When everyone wanted her

I worked as an escort girl and my job was to takes care of male customers daily. It was all about being the perfect girlfriend for a few hours. Often the guys wanted to have sex, but there were also those who wanted to hang out and just talk.


11. Liam

Note: rough sex scene! Skip if you want.





I stood in the foyer of the hotel and tried to blend in. I knew that some of the staff knew what I was working with, but nobody cared. I was there often and took care of the finer customers. The hotel could sell more wines and they were happy. 


I felt right as it was a pair of hands around my waist, which slid over my dress. 
"Hi, honey!" 
I recognized the voice. It was Liam and I felt the whole body stiffened. He was standing near my back and let his lips slide over my hair. 
"You smell like a princess." whacked he out and seemed almost to like that he affect me. His hands slid up over her dress and touched my breasts. 
"You're with me up to the room." 
I closed my eyes and tried to calm myself down. Was it my turn to die now? Did he wanted to hurt me, or what did he wanna do with me?


I looked down at the floor almost all the time. Liam took hard my hand and pulled me towards the elevator. There were more guests who would go up and I was happy as long as we weren't alone. I felt just how disgusted I was by Liam's presence and he eyed me with an excited look. I almost felt how he was shaking with excitement and he knew exactly what he wanted to do with me. The question was whether I wanted to do the same thing?


Liam had chosen one of the finest rooms at the hotel. I saw that he had wine on ice and he had filled a table with assorted sex toys. I knew this would be one of my worst nights, I knew I couldn't go from the room until he wanted me to leave. Liam knew he had me in his power, and it was showed in his eyes that he enjoyed it. 
"You are mine!" he muttered hoarsely and locked the door carefully to the room. He walked past me and poured two glasses of wine. I didn't want to drink, but when he gave me the glass, I couldn't say no. He sipped his wine and his eyes slid over my body. He seemed to like what he saw, or he was just happy about the idea that he finally got to do what he wanted with me. He put the glass on the bar and walked over to me. 
"So do you want to fuck hard, or should we take it slow?" 
I didn't answer. I wrapped everything in the glass and felt so small. Liam smiled and he pulled one hand over my hair. It was as if he decided what we would do. 
"We have all night for this!" he muttered hoarsely, and let his hand slip from my hair down over my breasts. I was just numb. Yet I knew that he had paid for me, to having me. I had chosen my job and he was a customer.


Liam pulled down the zipper on my dress and he undressed me slowly. He let the dress slide down on the floor, then he pulled off my beh and finally my panties. His eyes eyed every part of my body and I felt still just disgusted with him. He seemed to enjoy letting me wait and he seemed to love that I was afraid. He took his hands over my breasts and I heard how he groaned. 
"Damn what great looking body you have. It's so fucking friendly." 
I swallowed and tried to shut him out from my mind. He took my hand and pulled me towards the bed. It was as if he knew exactly what he wanted to do and I couldn't resist. He threw me against the mattress and band direct my hands in bed. Then he stood on the floor and began to strip off his own clothes. I saw how he showed his hairy chest and when he pulled down his underwear, I saw a big cock. I was startled and just stared at it. Liam laughed direct content. 
"I'm well equipped darling."
Liam chose to sit on the edge of the bed and he let his palm glide over my skin. He moaned lightly and seemed more excited about my reaction than to the fact that I was naked. The hand slid down to my legs and right as it was, he took hold of them. He parted my legs and tied my two feet on the edge of the bed. I didn't dare say anything and I didn't dare show anything for him. Liam sat below me and he bent slowly over my body. He smiled and looked into my eyes. 
"I'm going to fuck you and I'm sure that you'll never forget me." 
I wanted to vomit and felt how his tongue began to lick my nipples. He sucked on them and he licked them with his disgusting tongue. He moaned of it all and let one hand slide down between my legs. I felt him immediately let a finger penetrate and ha got some pain. Slowly started the finger moving in and out, but I wasn't excited by it. He stopped caring about my breasts and stared instead straight into my eyes. He let the finger number two penetrate and then finger number three. It was as if he thought I enjoyed it, but I didn't feel anything. He reached for a dildo and I closed my eyes. I couldn't care what he did to me, but when I felt how he shoved the dildo in my ass, I screamed out straight. Liam laughed and I tried to escape from the bed. I felt the pain in the entire hole and it hurt. Liam just enjoyed and let it just sit there. Then, I felt his tongue licking my clit and fingers pushed once again into my vagina. I just felt the pain in my rear hole and I couldn't do anything about it. My hands were stuck over my head and my feet were stuck. Liam let his tongue move faster and he groaning higher. When he was satisfied, he released me and took some glue over his cock. He lay down on top of me and I felt how he hard penetrated. His breath puffed against my face and he groaned higher. He brought the hip up and down and made me almost split in two. His cock was big and it filled me to the brim.


"Your two fuck friendly holes are filled." he groaned and tried to kiss me. I refused and turned my face away from him. He didn't care and I felt how he increased the pace. He glanced at me and he pressed hard in with his dick. It was as if he loved violence and he just became more horny seeing me suffer. Liam was sweating and I felt his body mess was together with mine. He whimpered and he loved to have sex. 
"Your fucking hole is so nice." he whimpered disgusting from him selves. "My cock loves it!" 
I swallowed and tried to think of something else. I tried to see a meadow with flowers, but instead appeared anyway Liam's face all the time.


Eventually released Liam me and sat on the edge of the bed. He picked up the paper and washed off his dick. Then, he took out another dildo and I saw how he took it down in between my legs. He pressed it into the empty hole and put the vibrator on. I groaned and direct rail Liam up. 
"Ah, a whore who likes the vibrator?" 
I wanted to scream no, but it didn't matter what I said. He sat down across my stomach and I saw how he took his cock between my breasts. With his hands he pressed my breasts against his hard part and slowly he started moving it back and forth. The tip of his cock brushed against my chin every time he brought it forward and I saw at him that he loved it. 
"Lick!" he got out. I obeyed him and let my tongue brush against his cock every time it came towards me. Liam moaned loudly and he increased the pace. He squeezed my breast harder against his member and he closed his eyes. I saw at him that he loved what he did and he loved power. It tingled a little between my legs, but I tried not to react or feel too much. Liam dropped my chest and sat on his knees in front of my face. He brought his cock against my mouth and I had to part my lips. I felt how he shoved his cock in and he moaned loudly. He brought hips back and forth and he stared down at me. He loved to see me obey him and I saw at him how much he hated me as a person. I felt how he almost pushed his member into my throat, but I managed to still continue. Liam just moaned louder and he smiled cold towards me. It was as if he wanted to run it down the whole way and he wanted to see me suffer.


To the end he closed his eyes and he moved faster on his hip. I tried not to get it down the throat, but still he took it there sometimes. I wanted to throw up, but I couldn't. Liam groaning higher and higher. Finally he took hold of my head with both hands, he pressed the dick faster in and out. He came and he squirted straight down my throat. I got it almost in the throat. Liam shook and his hands held my head hard. He moved until the orgasm had fully subsided.


He opened his eyes and smiled cold towards me. He let his cock remain in my mouth and he seemed to love what he saw. 
"You're damn three holes to fuck in." 
I wanted to spit it out, but it was too big. He laughed a little bit and pulled his hands over my red face. 
"You're fucking a gorgeous fuck girl and I must do it more times with you before the dawn comes."


Liam moved his body and let his hand slide down between my legs. He increased the vibrator and he brought it quickly in and out. I was surprised when my body reacted and slowly I realized that I would soon come. Liam smiled at me and he bent down between my legs. He brought the dildo quickly back and forth. He let his tongue lick my clit and I started to shake. Unwillingly he made me moan and I could finally not hold it back. I got an orgasm and I moaned out straight. My whole body was shaking and I almost screamed out straight. Liam smiled and he seemed to love to see me have it. He got my body pulsing and full orgasm lasted far too long.


Liam let me laying in bed, but he took the dildo out from me and disappeared into the bathroom. Then he came back with wet towels and washed thoroughly of my body everywhere. He had no intention of letting me be free.

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