When everyone wanted her

I worked as an escort girl and my job was to takes care of male customers daily. It was all about being the perfect girlfriend for a few hours. Often the guys wanted to have sex, but there were also those who wanted to hang out and just talk.


21. Just me

I woke up when Alva left the room and Niall sat down beside me. I managed to open my eyes and direct he shine with his whole face. 
"Hello, Darling!" 
I smiled weakly and tried to open my mouth, but I was so dry that my neck throat hurt. Direct I started coughing and I felt the whole body ached. Niall was quick and gave me some water to drink. 
"Take it easy!" he whispered. "You have all the time in the world to start talking again." 
I smiled and swallowed water. Niall dropped me and made ​​sure I was perfect in bed. 
"You have to take it easy." 
I nodded and looked at him. He looked tired and I saw that he hadn't bothered about his appearance on some days. Niall noticed that I looked down at his clothes and immediately he blushed easily. 
"I've been sitting here the whole time." he got up. "I haven't been home in a few days."
Niall leaned over me and stroked my cheek and straightened my hair. He looked straight into my eyes and I just loved seeing them again.
"Alva said you thought I'd leave you? I'm not going to let go of you darling. I'm staying!"


It took me a few days to come back. I was able to talk again and I managed to walk short distances. The doctor said that I had received a shock, and that my body had gone to sleep mode. Now I was heading towards the right direction. I didn't testify against Liam, but he ended up in jail and all the other girls proved that he was guilty. It was a relief to get rid of him.


I was discharged from the hospital and when we were on the way to the car I stopped Niall. I held him tightly in my hand and smiled weakly at him. 
"Yes, I'm ready!" 
He was surprised. 
"I haven't asked any question?" 
I smiled and stood near him. 
"Niall, I don't want to go home to my apartment. Nor do I want to be with my parents and you were talking about, before, that we could move in together?"
Niall just stared at me. First, he just glared at me, but slowly he understood what I meant. It was as if he realized I was serious and he didn't know what to say. Instead, he threw himself into my arms and hugged me tightly. He held me so tenderly and I knew how he refused to ever let me go. 
"Thank you!" he whispered. "Thank you darling!"


When I came into the Nialls house, I came home. I refused to believe that I wasn't worthy him, and I refused to tell me anything else. I wanted Niall and he was the only guy that I really trusted.


Niall chipped my bag in the bedroom and I followed. I threw myself at him and he landed with a laugh on the floor. I kissed him and I showed with my whole body that I really trusted him. I felt Nialls arms around my body and he started kissing me intensely. I was no longer afraid that I wasn't good enough. I wanted to show who I was and I didn't want to hide behind a maskNiall spun around so that I ended up underneath him. I felt his hands pull my clothes off slowly and I wasn't afraid. He smiled and looked into my eyes. 
"Say no when you don't want to do..." 
I smiled and pulled him towards me. 
"I want to Niall. I want everything with you and don't forget that!"


This wasn't a fairy tale and I'm not saying I got the man of my dreams. Yet it was my story, my own fairy tale. I got a prince to save me and I learned to trust him. I stopped completely working for Alva and instead I managed to get a job at a factory. I didn't earn much money but I had to work, it made me feel normal. Niall continued with the music but One Direction were dissolved when Liam ended up in prison. It took some years before the fans had completely forgotten about me and the hate mail stopped coming. I actually answered some of the letters, and I explained that none of it that had happened was my fault. It was all about circumstances and I was only a small part of the truth. I didn't tell anyone about what Liam had actually done​​. The fans got to believe that he happened to be among whores and they reported him for something. Little did they know what had really happened.






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