"Hi I'm Florence I have a unusual name but I'm a different girl."
Florence gets bullied by 5 boys none other than Harry Styles, Liam Paynn, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik. But what they don't know is that Florence appearance in school is not the same at home what happens when they find out she's been living a fake person.


9. Chapter 9

Florence pov; 

I walked down the stairs to have him following behind I decided to do something he wouldn't expect and as soon as I saw my parents walk past I kissed him on the lips it honestly felt disgusting. "Florence manners please." I smiled and walked off leaving him stunned and clued to his place.

As mum and dad called us into the dinning room for tea I started to talk to them to keep me distracted from looked at Harry in disgust. "So mother how was your trip? Did you bring me anything back?" My mother sighed that means no and she has some bad news I'm guessing.

"No sweetheart I didn't but me and your father are going back to Canada tomorrow we have to much work we just wanted to see you." My smile faded I know they are never around me but I miss them so much Harry looked at me and smiled. "So anyways Flow tell me about Harry?" I looked at her thinking before I said anything and then I realized there was no good things about him I struggled to get my words out I think Harry knew because he quickly changed the subject.

"Lovely house you have here may I just add. "I nearly chocked on my drink because he sounded so funny trying to talk posh. My mother looked at me and gave me the manners glare oh well. 

"Why thank you Mr Styles I'm so glad you have my Florence she is a fine lady and you seem right for her." Yeah right if you knew he bullied me mother. 

"Yes you are right Florence is a beautiful lady and I love her very much." My mother and father loved him possibly even more than I ever would  well that not really that hard too. 

"So Harry do you know what you want to be?" My mother always asks questions.

"I'm actually in a band with 4 other boys we have small gigs but I'm sure we will make it." My mother and father did not seem pleased with his answer but nodded there head and smiled oh yes please hate him. 

"Why don't you stay the night Harry I'm sure Florence would love to have you hear." Oh mother I'm going to strangle you Harry looked at me with a devil smile great I knew that look. 

"Oh I would love to but I wouldn't want to get in any bodys way." Yey please say ok mum please she nodded her head 'no' dam. 

"Oh please we leave early hours in the morning I'm sure Florence would love the company she never really gets any when we are around." I looked down in embarrassment while on the other hand Harry looked guilty. "Well look at the time 10pm me and your father are off to bed Flow we thought we will say goodbye now since we know you are not a morning person." My mother got up and hugged me as along with my dad before heading upstairs to bed great. 

"Aw Florence has no friends. "Oh I forgot he was here I rolled my eyes and walked up the stairs with him not far behind me. "Baby will you sleep naked with me." Is he mad.

"Um babe you are on the floor." He looked at me as if I was mad he quickly took off his shirt and oh my his abs no Florence shut it and his jeans leaving him in his boxers and jumped onto my bed I thought about fighting but he would win so I got my long top out of my closet and went into the bathroom. Once I was finished in the bathroom I came out into my room to have Harry smiling at me patting the bed next to him I sighed and got into the bed on the floor I am not sleeping with him. 

"Um Florence why are you on the floor?" Oh come on dick head.

"Because I'm not sleeping next to you that is why?" He chuckled.

"Suit yourself." I turned my back so I was facing away from him the floor was very uncomfortable I just wanted my bed as I was trying to sleep I heard movement coming over to me oh my goo away wait let see what he does. "I know you may hate me Florence but I wont have you on the floor baby." I felt two arms wrapped around me before placing me on a comfortable bed I thought Harry would go to the floor but no he just had to sleep next to me. I was facing away from him until he put his arm over me so we were spooning oh my god get me out of here now. "I love you Florence."  

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