"Hi I'm Florence I have a unusual name but I'm a different girl."
Florence gets bullied by 5 boys none other than Harry Styles, Liam Paynn, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik. But what they don't know is that Florence appearance in school is not the same at home what happens when they find out she's been living a fake person.


6. Chapter 6

Florence pov;

I haven't been to school for a whole month I couldn't and I wouldn't enter that building to be slammed against the wall and beaten up. Miles has had me home schooled and I love it my parents were right I'm never going to be normal and that I should just be me around anybody I've learned my lesson Miles had the boys on a break for the whole month and tonight they were  coming back. I'm not really that scared only Liam knows who I am really the rest have no Idea well I'm not sure if they do I'm not afraid of them any more I won't be going back to that school.

"Miss Bow your servants are here?" I hated it no school for a month and then to see them 5 faces again my bruises have gone completely I had treatment to get rid of them quicker. "Coming!" I walked down the stairs to see them standing in 1 line in their uniforms Liam and Niall smiled at me. "Miss if you don't mind I would like to borrow 4 of them so you can be with Louis today?" Great its not that Louis has done anything wrong its just we don't get on never talked he's just the school's clown. I nodded my head and he took the boys with them. "What would you like to do?" I looked at him and he smiled oh here comes his charm."Well it's a nice day outside why don't we go out." I nodded my head. "So the outside pool then?" his eyes went wide by now I was confused. "You have an outside pool omg." I didn't get the rest of his sentence because he was already out the door I laughed a little. 

2hours later- 

Me and Louis had been sitting by the pool all day we hadn't talked much but Louis kept himself away from me. It didn't last long because he came over and sat next to me. "I'm sorry flow?" I looked at him confused. "What do you mean your sorry?" Shit did he know oh no crap fuck. "About Harry you know!" This is great this is great they all know who I am what wil Harry do? I started to panic I think he saw the horror in my face because he answered my next question without me asking. "We haven't told Harry, but Florence you half to believe me he hasn't been eating, sleeping or doing anything in that matter he says when he saw your face and what he did that it haunts him he can't live with himself its like he trying to kill himself?" I started to feel a bit guilty I don't know why but I told him he deserved to die no one does it was just the heat of the moment. "I will talk to him," He looked shocked and abit scared for me but I knew what I had to doo. "Go switch with Harry and tell him where I am." He nodded his head and went off. 

20 minuets later Harry walked over to me sitting down on the chair Louis was right he looked dead, tired and just horrible. "Harry are you alright?" He didn't say anything he just started into space I was starting to get worried. "I'm not worth talking to!" He mumbled under his breath I don't think I was meant to hear it but I did. "Harry please tell me what happened? Maybe I can help you?" He looked at me it was like he had seen a ghost. "I did it." I was confused. "You did what?" He looked like he was going to cry his heart out he was broken I had cracked Harry styles. "I broke her." I was growing angry he's not even making much sense if I didn't know what he was going on about I would have no clue. "Harry come on tell me I know you just want to let it all out?" He looked at me and nodded his head. "Do you know that girl I was on about the one at school?" I nodded my head for him to go on. "I nearly killed her Florence I nearly killed someone, If it wasn't for Liam she would be gone she hasn't been at school for a whole month the last time I seen her she turned around and her face oh her face was terrible knowing I did that freaked me out and to a girl I just half to see her one last time to tell her how deeply sorry I am and how she is beautiful and all the names I have called her are not true but I can't she's gone and it's all my fault." He was now crying hell I was nearly crying he called me beautiful I grabbed his hand and we looked into each other eyes and then he gasped and pulled away shit.

"FLORENCE?" His eyes were wide oh shit he has found out. "Yes Harry my name is Florence!" He shuck his head 'no' "Your the girl your the girl I be..." He couldn't even finish his sentence he burst out crying..

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