"Hi I'm Florence I have a unusual name but I'm a different girl."
Florence gets bullied by 5 boys none other than Harry Styles, Liam Paynn, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik. But what they don't know is that Florence appearance in school is not the same at home what happens when they find out she's been living a fake person.


15. Chapter 15

Florence pov; 

Once I reached the toilet everything came out and trust me it was horrible Claire came running into the bathroom locked the door and held my hair while I sat and puked she looked scared. "Honey did you use protection?" Oh holy shit fuck I didn't even ask Harry that how could I be so stupid of course I did I simply remember. 

"Yes I did." She looked un-steady oh fuck I feel like shit.

"Sweetheart if I run and go get you a test will you wait in hear I will tell Miles not to bother you?" I nodded my head I wasn't in the mood for answering back all as I know is that we used protection it was probably the food I ate I did feel sick when I left. Claire got up and left and they were the worst minuets of my life I just kept throwing up.

Suddenly Claire came running thought the door I think she ran so she wouldn't be caught buying a pregnancy test or holding one she handed it to me and walked off. I took a deep breath and read the instructions once I had finished everything I walked out leaving the pregnancy test I didn't want to hear the news I couldn't my body was weak. 

3 minuets them 3 minuets were the longest ever Claire had gone in to check I didn't want to I couldn't I was crying scared for my life what if I was what would I do? What would I tell Harry? I couldn't tell Harry no way could I he hates me. Claire walked in tears down her cheeks trying to put a brave face on shit I already knew the answer.

"Honey your pregnant." I couldn't fight my tears any longer I had broken down Claire came and cuddled me telling me that things will be alright but we got interrupted by someone knocking on the door. 

"Miss Bow someone is  here to see you?" I nodded to Claire to let me go I wiped my eyes and opened my door I didn't want to talk to anyone right now as soon as I reached the bottom of the stairs I saw then fucking curls what does he want as if he hasn't messed my life up already. Once Harry saw me he spoke up. 

"Florence can I talk to you in private?" Oh shit he can't know I'm pregnant only Claire and me no and I won't let him find out as soon as we were out of sight of people he looked at me angry what did I do. "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU LEFT ME YOU SLEPT WITH ME BITCH YOU DON'T JUST LEAVE ME FLORENCE WE HAD SEX."  He had backed me up into the corner I put my arms around my stomach even if I didn't like Harry it was my baby and I wouldn't let anyone hurt it. "YOUR A WASTE OF SPACE I WISH I NEVER SLEPT WITH YOU YOUR WORTHLESS NOTHING BUT A WASTE OF SPACE I HATE YOU." as he finished his hand came in contact with my cheek which made me fall on the floor I think he noticed because he ran off. From that point on I knew what I had to do to protect this baby.

As soon as I got inside Claire came running over to me looking at my cheek her face flashed with anger. "Get me some ice now." She looked at me worried. "He didn't kick your stomach did he?" She whispered this part so nobody but me could hear her I nodded my head 'no' and she sighed in relief.

"Claire can I talk to you in private?" I just wanted to be held she noticed that I was about to cry so she pulled me into my room. "Claire I can't be here any more I don't want to be I want to leave please." I had broken down and I knew my heart wanted to be no where near that prick of a person Harry. Claire just nodded. 

Claire pov;

Anger flashed my face when I saw what Harry did to her if only he knew. When Florence wanted to talk to me I knew it would be serious so I took her too her room and as soon as she told me what she wanted I nodded my head and left her. I found Miles down stairs.

"Miles Florence doesn't want to be here any more do you think we should move her some where else its for protection I would go with her of course she just needs a break maybe we could go to the mansion her mother and father have in America just for a while I think she needs this." Miles seemed to agree I was so thank full he understood everything once we had booked are flight which would leave tonight Florence would be gone. I walked back up to her room to find her broken poor girl she wasn't expecting any of this. "Florence pack your bags sweet heart where going to stay in America for a while." I saw happiness in her eyes she only wanted to protect her baby and I was happy to help.


Florence pov; 

I had packed everything when I found out Claire was coming with me I couldn't have been more happier I couldn't have this baby alone. "Miss Bow it has been a pleasure to serve you over these years I hope to see you soon." Oh I'm going to cry.

"Miles all I can say is thank you for being there for me thank you all you have been so kind to me and everything I couldn't ask for better staff but your not just my staff your my family and I will be back don't think I wont be." They all started laughing but they were all crying to.

Once my goodbye had been said we made are way to the air port and my I was scared. Scared for my life for this baby it's funny how you can go from being a normal girl to being a women with responsibilities the next but I was happy to be carrying Harry baby not for him but I know I was making the right choice.

"You ready to goo sweet heart the plan is about to take off." I smiled and nodded. 

I looked out the window one last time at the place I have called home for many years this was it my life was about to change forever. 




Do you want a sequel or shall I just leave this it's up to you guys I don't mind writing another book but thank you for reading. 


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