"Hi I'm Florence I have a unusual name but I'm a different girl."
Florence gets bullied by 5 boys none other than Harry Styles, Liam Paynn, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik. But what they don't know is that Florence appearance in school is not the same at home what happens when they find out she's been living a fake person.


14. Chapter 14

Florence pov; 

"FLORENCE WAKE THE FUCK UP NOW." Oh what a fucking lovely way to wake up hold on who was that where am I suddenly my eyes shot open to see Harry right next to me naked. 

"HARRY, we didn't um you know!" He smirked.

"Quite some body you have there baby well what does it look like your naked I am." I felt like crying I needed to get out of here. "Oh come on Florence you seemed to enjoy teasing me last night!" I couldn't take this I covered my body with the sheets while I put my clothes on he just stared at me.

"Last night was the worst night of my life and it was a massive mistake it didn't happen and never will again!" After my finally words I left and slammed his bedroom door god how could I be to stupid once I reached the bottom of the stairs everyone was just piled everywhere.

"Flow you alright you look a bit shaken up?" I passed Liam he looked concerned but he was standing in his boxers making me fell sick.

"Liam can I have you phone I need to call Miles." He nodded his head and passed me the phone 
I quickly ran outside. "Miles please come and pick me up?" I didn't even give him a chance to answer he simply said ok and hung up on me so many question ran though my head but the main one was why did I even sleep with him. I heard a car horn and I looked up and saw it was Miles I ran over to the car and jumped in.

2 days later -

I haven't been out and I haven't seen any of the boys and I think it is best this way but right now I need to go and get some new clothes everything I wear now makes me feel dirty. "Miles I need to go shopping?" He stud up and looked at me shocked probably because I have been locked away for about 2 days. 

"Miss Bow you have been locked in your bedroom for 2 day and now you come out and expect you go to shopping I'm sorry miss but no not until you inform one staff member what happened?" He looked so scary I had never seen him like this. "If you do not inform one of staff I will ring your parents right away." Shit you cannot ring them.

"Wait let me go shopping with Clair and I will tell her." He seem to hesitate but then finally gave in yey now I can go shopping.  I walked back upstairs I couldn't take his constant staring at me it was like hell worse than my dad. As I was getting ready someone knocked on my door. 

"Miss bow I'm here to take you shopping?" I could tell it was Claire and that Miles was standing next to her because she normally calls me from my first name I smiled the best I could and got up. I opened the door to see a shocked Claire looking at me up and down god do I look that bad. "Well miss I guess we needed to go shopping because you look like shit." Oh how lovely miles actually laughed with her I've never seen him smile probably oh what if something is going on between them.

"I'm ready to go." She smiled and dragged me down to her car and as soon as I got in questions got shot at me.

"Florence what is the matter with you? what happened at the party? you look ill and dead?" I was beginning to get  a headac   I just wanted to shut 'SHUT UP' but I couldn't be rude right here we go.

"If I tell you this will you promise to not tell anyone I'm trusting you?" She nodded her head and I began from the start from when I was being bullied to them becoming my servants to the party and when I was done she looked shocked. 

"You slept with your bully are you crazy!." So now I get the question of how stupid I have been. "Come on we are going to get something to eat?" She dragged me to Nando's and the smell made me feel sick probably because I have locked myself up for 2 days and not eaten anything. 

After about 4 hours of shopping hair and nails we were finally done  and honestly I needed my bed. Once we arrived home Miles took all the bags off me. "Miss are you alright you look unwell?." Trust me I felt it I suddenly felt the urge to be sick so I ran to the nearest bathroom and threw up. 

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