"Hi I'm Florence I have a unusual name but I'm a different girl."
Florence gets bullied by 5 boys none other than Harry Styles, Liam Paynn, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik. But what they don't know is that Florence appearance in school is not the same at home what happens when they find out she's been living a fake person.


12. Chapter 12

Florence pov;

After about god knows how many hours of being pampered with make up and everything you can imagine I was finally done. "Wow Florence you look hot." Claire looked at me eyes wide oh my what have they done to me I turned around to look in the morrow and holy fuck the girl I was seeing was a hole new person. Well time to show Liam as I was walking down the stairs I passed Miles and he looked shocked.

"Miss Florence?" Oh bless him even for his age.

"Hi Miles." He smiled at me and walked off as I reached the bottom I had no Idea where Liam could be till my cook came in and pointed to the living room I smiled.  "Hey Liam I'm ready to go." 

"It's about time you holy fuck." Well I will take this look good lets tease for all his bullying.

"What you don't like it, does it make me look bad?" He just stared at me mouth open and eyes wide my mission was working oh how I love teasing Liam he didn't say anything so I just smirked. 

"No you look um different and a good different don't worry, should we go now?" I smiled at him he was blushing 'aww' I nodded my head and we walked to his car. "I'd be scared if I were you!" Wow what the fuck are you on about Liam. 

"What do you mean scared?" He smiled.

"I mean with looking like that all the boys will be looking at you and I know you hate being center of attention." Yeah like you would no Liam I just smiled and nodded not trusting my voice I would probably snap saying how he didn't know me and everything ergh why must I talk to myself.

I could hear the music playing as we made are way to the house as soon as we reached I could smell the alcohol on everybody and I mean it stinks there was people grinding on each other and everything ew. "Come on Flow we are already late?" I smiled and got out the car while I was walking to the door I couldn't help but feel eyes on  me and not just one pair. 

"Florence I'm going to find the others have fun." Great thanks Liam leave me here with a bunch of pervs trying to talk to me I nodded and he walked off this is going to be a long night. I managed to find the kitchen and the drinks thank god I quickly made myself and drink and drank it as fast as I could. After about 5 drinks I was a bit tipsy so lets goo. I made my way to the living room to find some slut on Liam, Niall, Louis ,Zayn and Harry typical right I rolled my eyes and went to go find the bathroom. 

Harry pov;

I saw a girl walk into the living room someone I hadn't seen before but she was fucking hot I will make sure to introduce myself as soon as this slut gets off me. "Hey Niall who is that?" Niall looked at who I pointed at and he smirked.

"That my friend is the person we bullied for about 4 years." I looked at him funny trying to remember why do I drink suddenly my eyes went wide fucking hell. 

"That's FLORENCE BOW." Holy mother of god shit why does she half to be so hot. 

Florence pov; 

Once I had finished my business I made my way back down stairs I need another drink as I made it to the kitchen and got myself a drink someone put there hands around my waist. "Hey Flow you look fucking hot best girl here tonight." I new who is was. 

"Niall shouldn't you go find your date?" He looked at me and smirked while nodding his head but not before looking me up and down what a prick. 

"I'd rather spend time with you baby?" I think I am going to throw up I smiled grabbed my drink and walked off into the living room only to be surprised by people sitting in a circle.

"HEY YOU GIRL WITH THE DARK BLUE DRESS COME PLAY TRUTH OR DARE BABY." He did not just call me baby I looked to see who was playing there was Louis, Zayn, Liam, Harry and some other girls and boys I have never seen I nodded my head and sat in between Louis and Zayn. "Right let's get started hmm Louis truth or dare?" I still had not learned his name.

"Dare." Louis smirked evil everyone calls him the sass monster so I'm guessing he will do any dare he would get told to do. The boy thought for a moment before smiling.

"I dare you do squirt cream on your body and have Stacy here lick it off." Ew Ew Ew you never know where that slut mouth has been omg ew ew fucking ew. As the game went on everyone did their dares I still hadn't been picked thank god I did have loads of shots which to your guess I'm pretty drunk right now. 

"You Truth or Dare?" Oh my turn well I have been waiting I found it rude how he pointed but here we go.

"Dare?" He smirked and looked around the room for a moment and then smirked evilly shit.

"I dare you to make -out with Harry tong to." I laughed he wasn't being serious was he. He nodded his head for me to go on Harry looked at the boy and then back to me fuck this lets tease. I got up from my position on the floor and made my way to Harry's lap everyone was cheering me on. As soon as I sat on his lap to I was straddling him I smirked at him he looked kinda scared I would be to. I put my arms around his neck and moved my hips and before Harry could moan I moved my lips to his. He asked me for entrance and I let him in suddenly his hands moved to my waist but before we could go any further I got off his lap and sat right back in my space oh he looked  pissed off. 

After the game of truth or dare and more drinks I decided to call it a night and go find a room I even opened one door and two people were having sex I could have been blinded it was awful I came to the end of the hall way and found a door I opened it to find nobody in here well this will half to do. It was quite big I took my dress off and was now only in my bra and panties then suddenly the door came crashing open and stood Harry with a smirk on his face.  

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