If i die young, take my Death Note

This girl wasn't normal, the leopard ears and tail said that much. She was an alley child with no name. Given up at birth and framed a monster. What happens when she is suddenly in possession of a death note. And since this girl is no bigger that 12 years old and is currently 3 she gets special treatment from her shinigami? The age clause?


2. chapter 2

If I die young take my death note

Hours later child's POV

                   I felt terrible, I knew why, I had just been hit my a car. I felt a person, that was not Shisu, petting and smoothing out my hair.
"Who ever is touching me needs to stop." I said with my eyes still closed, I tried to move but I was in to much pain. "Don't try to move, you'll only make it worse." A calm voice said, I opened my eyes to see the same 2 officers from before and a few others.
"Why are you all here? Can't I suffer alone." I said even though if they weren't here I would still have Shisu. Speaking of my friend he was in the corner looking relieved.
"No, I'm afraid not. You'll be coming with us soon, when you get out of here actually." Chief said

"Why? I don't understand why me being skittle different gets me taken by the police." I said, trying to fake innocence, trying to make them all feel guilty.
"It's not that your not normal it's-"
"No! If I was a normal child you wouldn't have thought twice! You think I killed all those people, but if I was a normal child you wouldn't!" I yelled.
"Your right, I wouldn't suspect you if you were normal. But your not, so I do." The pale guy with rings around his eyes by my bed said. I could feel my bones healing with my anger.
I pressed an alarm button and a nurse rushed in. I put on my best depressed kitten face.
"I don't know these people and they're scaring me. They keep calling me a killer please make hem leave." I pleaded letting a few fake tears out. She ushered them all out then began checking my vitals.
"Your arm is healed and so is your skull. But your leg and ribs are still fractured." She told me, I nodded and she left the room.
"You worried me." Shisu said
"It hurts getting your skull shattered man." I said jokingly. I focused on my fractured leg. I felt the pain and fracture disappear.
"What about your ribs?" Shisu asked
"I will survive." I replied ripping the IV from my arm.
"Whatever makes you happy squirt." Shisu told me. I hopped out the window and ran back to my new house. As I was running I noticed I was being followed.
"Why must the universe hate me?" I questioned out loud with a sigh.
"Because you run, now get in the car." Matsuda said, I sighed yet again but complied.
"This is stupid." I complained from the back seat. "Whatever your the one causing trouble." Matsuda pointed out.
"Normal kids cause trouble but they don't get chased by the police." I defended. " the most trouble a normal kid your age causes is a broken vase or a stolen cookie!" He said rolling his eyes
"But I haven't stolen anything!"

I curled up in a ball " We don't know that." He said as I fell asleep.

I woke up on a couch with Shisu on the floor next to it petting my hair. He put a finger to his lips as a sign of silence.
" Someone else is in the room so don't respond to me."
I blinked twice as to tell him 'ok' I then turn and cracked my back.
"Owie." I whimpered after wincing, I put a hand to cradle my still fractured ribs.
"You shouldn't move to much." A voice said, I turned very slowly over the couch to see the pale guy. "Oh well." I shrugged.
I got up and stretched my limbs and tail, trying not to hurt my ribs. I looked to Shisu who had gotten up and was waiting behind me. I truly did love Shisu he was my best friend. I focused on my ribs, healing them, now all they are is just sore.
"Do you guys have toys here?" I asked the pale guy, "No." He replied bluntly. "Well I'll just have to improvise." I said in that god forsaken voice! I skipped to the kitchen area and got teacups in my arms and carried them to the coffee table. I grabbed chairs and put them on both sides. I put one chair small for me and the other big for shisu. "Shisu come play tea party with me!" I said as I put water on to make real tea. "Ok squirt." He said sighing while sitting in the big chair. The pale guy was watching, quiet intensely I may add. I took the water, made the tea and have it to Shisu and my tea cups. I put cherries I found in the fridge on his plate. "You can eat your cherries Shisu and drink the tea to." I said in the voice, winking to tell him I was serious. He rose and eyebrow but ate the cherries any way, the pale guys eyes widened.
"How is that ch-cherry floating?" He yelled paniced. "Shisu my friend du!" I said straight facing him.
"So Shisu is real?" He asked poking Shisu without knowing it. "Can I kill this guy?" Shisu asked me
"Maybe later, what's his name?" I asked "L Lawliet" Shisu said glaring at L. " so his alis isn't really a alis. Who names their kid after a letter?" I said dropping the voice and laughing.
"Your talking about my name, how does Shisu know my name?" L asked
"If I told you I would have to kill you." I winked at him.
"Are you confessing to being Kira?" He questioned
"No I am not Kira and I don't wish to be." I said
"Oh and Shisu really doesn't like you, he thinks you'll hurt me. So if that ever does happen he'll be the one to kill you."
"That's right!" Shisu said stubbornly, it brought a smile to my face.
"So Shisu has the power to kill people?" L asked
"Yeah an it's his job to protect me. So if anything threatens me in any way he takes care of it." I sipped my tea so did Shisu.
"This tea sucks!" He said
"Sorry they don have cherry flavored tea like we have at home. They don't even have any meat!" I said pouting
"Do you know who Kira is?" L asked me
"Yeah, he's a pretty cool dude I guess though I like his friend better." I shrugged
** **

"Ryuk likes you to, and I don't even think he likes his human much." Shisu said
"Really? That makes me feel better. Not a lot of people like me much." I said to shisu.
"How can you see shisu?" L asked
"I just can, I guess. Snow leopards mean overcoming your demons. So I guess that's how I see them." I said looking at his demon.
"You may not see him, but you have one. He looks like you, an he was just killed by Kira not to long ago." I said

"He also has neater hair and red eyes............. And wings, he follows you everywhere. But unlike Shisu he only tails you because he hates you." L looked to where I was looking.
"What is your name?" L asked me.
"I don't have one, Shisu and others call just Squirt." I said with a shrug as shisu threw a cherry at me.
"You need to eat." Shisu said
"Come help me find something then." I said getting up.
Shisu opened the fridge while I jumped onto the counter an looked through the pantry.
"Nothing in here but doughnuts." I said sighing.
"Only cake in here." Shisu replied
"I'm gunna die!" I whined, shisu put me on the floor chuckling.
"If you want I'll get you some meat from the store." He said, my stomach growled and he took it as a yes. He left left me with a page of the death note sine he was holding it.
"Bye shisu!" I said
"Where is he going?" L asked coming into the kitchen.
"To get me meat." I said turning to him.
"So what is there to do here?" I questioned
"I have you here now, so I want to test you." He answered.
"Ok" I said uninterested.
We played a few games of chess, to where I was the winner every time.
"How are you so smart?"
"I just am."
"Who were your parents?" He questioned again
"Never met them."
"How did you live in that house all by yourself and get all of that stuff?"
"Shisu." I replied.
"How did you meet Shisu?" He asked
"He came to me after I found something special of his." I said, not really lying. "But that is a story for another day."
I curled up on the couch as L sat in his unusual way next to me. He rubbed my head and behind my ears. I started to purr, and I climbed in his lap rubbing my face into his chest. My purring didn't cease even after I fell asleep.

-------------- third pov--------------

The task force came in to see L on the couch with the leopard child curled up in his lap.
"Good job Ryuzaki! Did you get info out of her?" Matsuda said happily, he didn't yell but it was loud enough to scare the child half to death.
Her eyes shot open and she leaped off of L onto the floor and in her fright she climbed the wall and onto a high ledge. She was breathing fast and just then shisu came and put the meat onto the kitchen counter . He went to the living room an saw the girl on the ledge.
"Squirt!" He called, he head snapped to him and she immediately calmed at the sight of her friend.
"Shisu!" She squeaked and leaped at him giving him a hug. The task force saw a slight glitching form 'Shisu' for a moment. At the mere sight of the monster they all gasped.
"What was that!" Aizawa screamed catching the child's attention.
"Shisu thinks your a danger to me, and I have to agree. So how long do I have to stay here?" She asked turning to L
"You know my true name. I can't let you leave, you could inform my enemy's and more importantly Kira." He replied.
"If you want I could kill them all." Shisu said
"No, not all of them. Look at all of their names and you'll see it." The child said to her companion. Shisu spotted lights father and nodded. Only the child could see and hear the shinigami so the task force only got half of the conversation.
"Shisu doesn't like that and neither do I. I don't control shisu, he's my best friend. But he is not a slave and I am certainly not his master. I am not responsible for his actions like he is with mine, shisu isn't Kira and neither am I . But he has Kira's killing power. I you are a danger to me he will kill you." She said
"What is shisu." L asked
"A shinigami." She answered.
L's eyes widened.
"I'm his best friend and he is like a parental figure. I don't have a death date so we have no clue when I'll die. But if your the cause he'll kill your family's right in front of you then when your whisking for death he'll kill you in the most painful way possible."

"So........................ you don't have a name?" L asked
"No like I said most just call me Squirt because I'm so short."
"Since we can't hurt you............... have you ever killed before?"
I looked to Shisu who was glaring at L.
"Don't tell him he lies." The demon that follows L told me.
"What's your name?" I asked looking at him.
"Beyond Birthday, happy to meet your aquantence." Beyond said shaking my hand. The rest just looked at me funny.
"That's a funny name, how do you know L lies?" I asked giggling.
"He messes with people's lives just to solve a case. He breaks the law yet says he is the law." He grunted before giving me a smile.
"He doesn't sound like a good person at all." I said then turned to L.
"Your demon says a lot about you. Unfortunately I can't tell you information such as that. You'd end up dead in the end, and Beyond what's to watch you suffer." I said with a shrug.
It got quiet for quite a while before I finally chose the break the silence. I wanted to remind everyone I was still a child.
"Do you have any art supply's, Shisu, Beyond and I want to color!" I said with a cheeky smile while I climbed on the back of the couch so u was standing on the backing.

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