If i die young, take my Death Note

This girl wasn't normal, the leopard ears and tail said that much. She was an alley child with no name. Given up at birth and framed a monster. What happens when she is suddenly in possession of a death note. And since this girl is no bigger that 12 years old and is currently 3 she gets special treatment from her shinigami? The age clause?


1. chapter 1


                                I was walking down my dirty ally when a black book fell from the sky, it hit me on the head. "Ow!" I said picking it up. I took it to my box deep within the alley. That box was my home, like a turtle and his shell. I am three years old and have no name nor do I have a standard home. I am incredibly smart for my age, and given up as a baby because of my snow leopard ears and tail. I opened the book, it said 'Death Note' on the cover. I read the instructions and thought it was kinda cool. I could kill someone with just a pen and a name. But going to a place that's not heaven or hell is scary and amazing. I hugged the death note to my body, it was now my most prize possession. And I drifted off to sleep. When I woke up it was morning, I stretched my limbs and got out of my box. But I saw a figure that could be assumed to be a monster, but I wasn't scared. I have been told I was a monster myself, so why would monsters be mean to other monsters? "You have my death note." It said "Do you want it back?" I asked looking at the notebook in my arms." I dropped it in this realm for a reason, so no. My name is Shisu and unfortunately your under the age of 12. And the death note rules the shinigami king stated are if a child under the age of 12 gets in possession of the death note we are to watch over and help them. Be a parental figure of sorts, so your coming with me child." He said taking my tiny hand in his, I nodded and his skeleton hand gripped mine tighter as I was knocked unconscious. I woke up in a bed, in a house, warm. That's never happened before. "Your awake." Shisu said, I nodded and got up. Shisu looked like a skeleton with with skin on some parts with wings on his back and piercings. "Where are we?" I asked " The only realm the death note works." Shisu stated I simply nodded stretching my tail. "Your a very strange girl, I can't see your name or death date." He said " I don't have a name and I don't know why I don't have a death date." I shrugged. That day was the best day of my life, and the start of a beautiful friendship.

7 years later

I grabbed my death note and went out with Shisu on my tail. I didn't care if people thought I was strange or not, well most of the time. So I let my ears and tail hang out I normally never hid them. My yellow green leopard eyes scanning the crowds, I grinned an evil smile as I saw the person I wanted. "Name?" I whispered to Shisu. "Milo Raskut." He said and I wrote it down in the book. The blond male, Milo, was the center of attention around here. He was also a prick bully. He suddenly grabbed his chest and dropped dead. Something he has told me to do plenty of times. I heard ambulances as I walked Away with my trench coat-like cloak covering my tail and I put on a Hat to cover my ears for the time being not to look suspicious. I have been using the death note for years, it's my savior. If not for Shisu I would still be on the streets. Shisu was and still is my only friend, but lately there has been another person with a death note. His nickname is Kira, English word for 'killer'. As long as he doesn't mess with me I will leave him alone. I went to the store to get more meat, that's all I eat is raw meat. I got some cherry s for Shisu to, he says there like nicotine to him. I carry the bags all the way home and put away the meat that was full of blood. I sat in a chair and threw cherries in the air for Shisu to catch in his mouth, we do this a lot. He liked to make me laugh, we played games to. I kinda think he's glad I picked up the death note, so he doesn't have to deal with older people problems yet. He gets to help me and be almost alive again. To have a child, a smart one that can think for herself. I was three when he came to me and yet he didn't have to teach me a thing. He balanced a cherry on his nose before eating it. "Your so weird Shisu." I giggled "Well you are to squirt." Since I don't have a name and he is supper tall he calls me squirt. I'm like the smallest 10 year old in the world! "Whatever you say Shisu." I said putting the cherries down. I got up and walked to my computer and looked up pictures of all the people kira killed. They were all criminals, so he wants a perfect world with no crime huh? That's dumb anyone could be a criminal he's trying to kill off the entire world. Oh we'll makes it more exciting, I got really tired and got ready for bed. I seen Shisu come in and kiss my four head before I fell asleep.

Third POV


"Ryuk, where are you going?" Light Yagami asked his shinigami, Ryuk normally didn't go anywhere. "Out." The death god said simply "Does it have to do with that kid who had a heart attack that I didn't cause?" Light asked. "Maybe." The shinigami said and flew out the window, he went to where he knew Shisu resided, all the way a crossed town. He climbed through the window only to see Shisu looking at a child." So you've gotten soft huh?" Ryuk asked laughing, "Shhhh and no I haven't I dropped my death note in a different realm and it was picked up by a 3 year old child. I have to follow the other set of rules since she was and still is under 12. She was on the streets and had no name." Shisu said quietly. "Strange, I dropped my note and it was picked up by a 17 year old kid in high school. He's the one killing all the criminals. Light Yagami or the famous Kira." Ryuk laughed not knowing the child was awake or could hear him. "Light Yagami huh?" She said sitting up.

Child's POV


The shinigami just gave me Kira's name. "How can you see me?" He asked I got out of bed and stretched, he saw my ears and tail. The jerk started laughing at me! "Very interesting child you have here Shisu." Said the shinigami "I can see you because I'm part snow leopard and because of that my spiritual meaning is to overcome our demons and haunts and renewal of vision and vitality. In other words yeah I can see you." I said and he stuck his hand out to shake. "Ryuk." I shook his hand. "Call me squirt!" I said he ruffled my hair. "She's pretty cool Shisu, so you gonna kill your death note competition?" Ryuk asked "oh no I won't kill light, as long as he stays out off my way I won't bother him. But if he messed with me I will end him." I said smirking. "Well I gotta get going, light might get worried." Ryuk said laughing and flew out. "This just got real!" Third POV Light stayed up waiting for Ryuk to come back. "Where were you?" He questioned the apple loving shinigami when he came through the window. "Things just got a lot more interesting, oh and just a tip there is a person with a death note out there that isn't you and she said if you got in her way she would kill you." Light laughed at his shinigami "Not if she can't get my name." Light said chuckling. "She already has your name and it wouldn't be hard to get your name off the Internet seeming as though your the chiefs son." Ryuk pointed out. "How does she know, I didn't leave any-" "I was talking to her shinigami and your name came up. I didn't know she could hear me and plus the little squirt was supposed to be asleep." Ryuk said cutting Light off. "She could see you?" Light asked "Yeah something about demons and hauntings. But I guess I should probably tell you that there is something called the age clause. I didn't tell you before because it didn't apply to you but if a death note is dropped IMF to the human world and a child under the age of 12 picks it up the shinigami is to help the child grow up and help them. Of course none of the death note shinigami rules apply to them." Ryuk said "What rules?" Light questioned "A rule like a shinigami must not tell a death note owner another humans name or lifespan. You can tell the 'age clause' has happened by the words on the death note. The normal white words will instead be red." Ryuk explained "Since your telling me this now the other death note user girl has probably had this 'age clause' happen to her huh?" Ryuk just nodded,"Your right Ryuk, this has just gotten more interesting."

Child's POV

"So what are we doing again?" Shisu asked me. "Your so slow sometimes,we are going to those people who throw bottles at me to kill them." I said Shisu just chuckled. "Ryuk is coming this way with light yagami." I nodded to him and realized they were headed the same way we were headed. They were slightly behind us when we had the bottles thrown at us, we me, they went right through Shisu. "Get away freak!" They yelled, I snapped as a sign for the names to be given. "Danell Zingar, Ronnal Petears and Lione Windira." I wrote the names down just as Light walked by. I walked behind them as the 40 seconds started. "Nice to see you again Ryuk." I said as I put my death note away. "You to squirt." Ryuk said ruffling my hair and ears. "Carful of the ears." I said while fixing my silver hair. "So your Light Yagami huh?" I said looking at the older boy "..............." Light was silent looking at me. "How old are you?" He finally asked "10!" I answered "How long have you had the death note?" Ryuk questioned curious. "7 years now." I said in perfect unison with Shisu, but light couldn't see him. "I've never heard of a ..... Sorta human...... That's had the death note before age 11." Ryuk said, we kept walking."Ya'know if you kill all the criminals you'll kill everyone off." I stated "No, it'll make the perfect world." He replied "But you don't look to see what the people have been arrested for, just kill. See I don't care who I kill. I kill who I want when I want and have been doing it for 7 years. That's why L doesn't come after me, you can't tame the snow." I said "I'll keep that in mind." He said but I knew everything I just said went in one ear and out the other. I shrugged and went a different way. "The elementary school is the other way." Light called " I'm above collage level!" I yell over my shoulder. I kept walking and found a group of people. "Shisu write all those people in your death note so you get the years." I said Shisu is very high ranking with the shinigami king so he has 3 notes. The one I have, the one he is using and he never told me about the 3rd one. He just said that he had a 3rd 'note' I didn't ask questions and I won't unless he wants to tell me about it. Anyway I sat on a park bench and put a benie over my head to cover my ears so I won't look suspicious. The whole group dropped dead at different times. I was meditating when the ambulance showed up. I got up with Shisu behind me. We went back home and I took a nap. Soon there was a knock at the door and I had to pull a chair up to the peep hole to see who it was. I normally don't get visitors, and I didn't know the 2 people there. "Who is it?" I asked in a childlike voice. "Do we really have to do this Ryuzaki?" The young black haired male said into his phone. "Yes investigate and question her like we planned" a voice answered, the young male snapped the phone shut. "Police, open the door." I did as I was told and they snapped their eyes down at me. "Hello officers how may I help you today." I said as a child would. I had my tail wrapped and my benie on, I let them in and notice there were only two. "Well we'd like to ask you some questions, are your parents home?" The young one asked. "No they left awhile ago." I answered "Well I'm matsuda and that's chief Yagami. When did they leave." He asked I could hear the voice in his ear, telling him what to ask me. "They said they would be back but they haven't come home yet." I lied right through me my fangs. "When?" Chief Yagami asked "7 years ago." I lied yet again "What's your name?" Chief Yagami asked me. "I've only ever been called monster, freak,demon and unnatural." I said "Where were you today?" Matsuda asked. "I went to the park, there was this group of people there. I don't know what they were doing. Suddenly they all fell to the floor, I thought it was a game but then the ambulance showed up and I left. I've been trying to forget about it.............." I trailed of, they both gave me soft gazes. "Ask her how old she is." The voice told them. "How old are you sweetie?" Matsuda asked me." 10 years old!" I chirped, I hated acting like this. "Do you have any friends?" Chief Yagami asked "yeah I have an imaginary one." I lied, he wasn't imaginary. "Really what's his name?" Matsuda asked kneeling to my height. "Shisu he's really nice, I made him up after my parents left." I lied yet again. "Would you like to come with us?" Chief Yagami asked copying the voice. "Why?" God I hated this voice. "We're going to take you to a place where you can be with other kids." Matsuda said, "I'm not stupid, your not taking me to an orphanage or anywhere for that matter!" I said dropping the act. Their eyes widened at my change. "Grab her." The voice said. "I won't come quietly, I can run faster then you two and I know every inch of this house." I said putting one of my sharp claws in my mouth picking at my sharp fangs. "Can you hear me?" The voice asked. "Crystal clear." I said the 2 in front of me gasped. "Just come with us and we won't take you to an orphanage." The voice said "No just leave me alone!" I said growling slightly. "We can't do that now just come quietly." It said, Matsuda jumped forward trying to grab me but I ran and I was a fast runner! The two chased me but couldn't keep up, I ran to my closet and got me emergency bag. The 2 arrived at my door and I ran to my open window. I saluted and fell backwards into a crouch position. My bag had cloths, money, pens, paper and other things a growing snow leopard may need. I always had my death note because I always had Shisu hold it for me unless I needed it. "She's getting away!" Matsuda yelled, by now I was running so fast that my house was miles away in seconds. "What are we going to do?" Shisu asked me. "I've already got a plan." I said Time skip I waited three blocks away from my house. I wrote in my death note that Melino Lika would break into my house and steal only a few things that I need and take them to me. Then he would die 4 months later of a heart disease. Soon he came with my laptop, safe money and hard drives. He handed it to me and left for his house in a daze. I slung my bag over my shoulder and left the scene.



"A man broke into her house." Mogi told L or Ryuzaki. "She's a slippery one." Ryuzaki stated "She's a smart one too thought for only 10 years old. She already had a bag for it this were to happen." Chief Yagami said "Interesting-" "Look!" Mogi said cutting L off There was a man taking her stuff. "Well it looks like she has stuff of worth." L said " Strange he's only taking a few things." Chief Yagami stated. "Maybe he's scared of her, did you see her claws and sharp teeth? She was a very intimidating 10 year old!" Matsuda said. "That's very likely, but we have to search for her. I want her here." L said. "Why do you think she's kira?" Ukita asked "She may be, but she isn't a highschooler. I want to test her." L stated.

Child's POV

"Shisu is it strange that I don't have a name?" I asked him, we were at our new house. He created it like he did the other one. I had stocked the fridge with meat and cherries the first chance I got. "No, the fact that you don't have a name keeps the death note from killing you. But if you gave yourself one if still won't work, and I won't use it anyway." He told me. I rolled my eyes at him. Of course he would only call me squirt, but I was ok with that. "So what are we doing today?" He asked "We could go people hunting." I suggested, people hunting meant hunting someone to kill, he just nodded. I put on my trench coat and Shisu had my death note as we walked the streets. But suddenly I looked up to see a car headed straight for me, no matter how fast I was I knew I wouldn't make it. I was hit and flung into a building. I seen Shisu give me a worried yet angry look before my eyes shut.

Third POV

"Oh my god!" The driver yelled jumping out of his car to help the young girl. "Someone call an ambulance!" He yelled out, sirens were already in the background. Chief Yagami just happen to be at the office that day, he didn't think anything of it until he got there. He seen the other officers trying to move the car that pinned the child to the building. When they finally got her out he saw that it was the girl! She was not only unconscious but she wasn't breathing either. A medic had to give her CPR, she started breathing but still wasn't conscious. Hey got her on a stretcher and chief Yagami pressed the button on his belt, he then got in the ambulance with the other medic's. Soon they got to the hospital and chief got a call from L. "You pressed the button what's the matter?" He asked "I found her but you'll have to go to the hospital to see her, ill explain when you get here." Chief Yagami said and hung up. The child was in the ICU having surgery. Soon the whole task force was sitting there in the waiting room. A Doctor came out and ushered them into a room. "We've never seen anything like this before. She has the ears and tail of a snow leopard, she should have died from that hit. It shattered her skull but it was healed to only a few fractures now. Her arm and leg are broken both on the left side. Her shoulder was dislocated but we popped it back into place. She needs stitches on her cheek but it won't scar. She has bumps and bruises and also 3 broken ribs but that's it. Her body is healing it's self, but I will take time even at the rate it's going. You need her for a investigation correct?" The Doctor asked " Yes we do, when can she be released?" L asked "when she wakes up she can go if her vitals check out but if we find a problem she will have to stay. But even when she leaves she will need physical therapy. Her ribs bruised her lung and she is also very young. The Doctor answered "When will she wake up?" Matsuda asked. "With the way she is healing in a few hours." The Doctor answered and slipped out of the room. "No wonder her parents left her, they thought she was a monster." Matsuda said pulling up a chair on the side of her hospital bed. L did the same on the other side. "She seems so peaceful...." L said looking at her face, her silver hair spread against the pillow, her ruby red lips in a slight frown. And her fangs just peeking out. "She's so young, this shouldn't have happened to her." Chief Yagami said sighing.



ok so the picture is the girl with no name just picture her younger and with silver hair and snow leopard ears and tail

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