Believe.. (Justin Bieber)

Alice Jones is a teenager. A normal girl on 16, going to school. Her only dream is to meet her idol. The famous Justin Bieber. At a meet and greet she meets him. She's happy and cries tears of joy.. But then she thinks. What will happen after this? Will they ever see each other again? Will she just be another girl? Or will they become friends? Read more to find out.


2. Ugh! -.-

*Monday Morning*


*Beep, beep, beep* My alarm started. I hit it and It stopped. Ugh, today's school. Kill me. As you may know, I hate school. Who doesn't? I got up and took a shower then did the things I needed to do. I grabbed my phone and my bag and walked downstairs. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE!" My family yelled. I forgot to tell you, it's my birthday. I wish it wasn't. You see, in my family we have this tradition. When a child turns 16, they get to throw a huge party for the whole school. You already know I hate school, so why would I invite them to my house? I curse my mom for making that rule. Well, enough about that. I sat down and started to eat my breakfast when my mom, Rose, started to talk.

Rose: So sweetie, any boys?

She said and smirked.

Me: No! Ew! I would rather die alone then be with one of them.

I said and made a disgusted face. She looked at me sternly.

Rose: You know I want grandchildrens.

Me: Mom! I'm only 16! Calm down! Geez.

I said and grabbed my bag and ran out the door before she could answer. I was walking to school when I felt a snowball hit my head. (It's Christmas in this story)

Me: Ow! What the actual fuck!

I turned around and saw my crush, the bully, Shawn standing there with a smirk on his face.

Shawn: Happy birthday slut!

He said and his friends laughed.

I just kept walking until I reached the school. I walked in and directly to class because I had the things I needed. When I got into class Mr.Michaelsen told us we had to work in groups. Groups my ass. I thought. "And.... Shawn and Alice" He said at last. No! Why him? Are you trying to get me killed or raped?! I was furious. I didn't care at that point. I grabbed my books and ran out the school. Ally my best friend followed me, yelling my name " Alice! Alice ait!" I just ignored her and kept running. me and Shawn have a past.. let me explain.


"Alice!" Shawn yelled after me. I went into the water even thought I couldn't swim. "Alice! Wake up please!" He kept yelling my name. I wanted to open my eyes so bad but it felt like they were stuck. I could hear crying when i heard Shawn voice say. "Alice please... I need you. If you die, I die. Please wake up!" Then i fluttered my eyes open and looked at him. "Are yo userious about that?" He looked at me and then threw me into the water like i was doll. I was swallowin a lot of water and when i woke up i was home in my bed and my mom was on the sid of me, tear stains down her cheeks. I wanted to kill Shawn for  making my  mom cry.

*End of flashback*

See, that's why i hate him so much. I sat down by a treee and thought 'What a wonderful birthday' Just then something hit the back of my head. I turned around and saw THE Scooter  Braun standing there.

Scooter: Omg! I am so sorry. Are you okay?

Me: Y-yea I'm fine..

 Scooter: Okay, By the way. You have an amazing voice.

Me: How do you know thta?

Scooter: You were singing 'Be alright' like 10 minutes ago.

Me: Oh.. Thank you.

I said and blushed liek crazy.

Scooter: Hey, are you a Belieber? Because I have been trying to get rid of these tickets for ever. Would you like them? It's VIP and Meet and Greet.

He asked.  My mouth was hangin and I could barely breathe.

Me: I would love them. Omg, thank you so much.

Scooter: You are very welcome. I have to go now. Bye.

Me: Bye.

I was so shocked. I couldn't believe this. My dream came true.

I ran home as fast as I could and i screamed at the top of my lungs,


My mother came running down the stairs.

Rose: Your what?!

She loved him just as much as i did.

Me:  I met Scooter Braun in the park and he gave me these free tickets. Don't ask why I as there, but there are 3. SO i am planning to bring you and Ally, if that's okay?

Rose: Yes of course. Oh, Shawn is here by the way. He said you asked him for math help. He's in your room.

Me: What?!

I yelled and ran to my room. I walked in and saw him sitting on my bed.

Me: What the fuck do you want asshole?

I said and gave him deathglares.

Shawn: Aww.. I just wanna have some fun. ;)

Me: EW! No! Why in the freaking world would i ever have fun with an asshole like you?

Shawn: Maybe because you´r mom just left and i locked all the windows.

He said and stepped closer to me. I  ran out my door and down the stairs and out the door. I kept running until i was next to a bus. I stepepd away from the bus and on the bus there were a name written with big letters. It said "JUSTIN BIEBER TOUR" I don't know how long i had been standing there but it started raining. I ran home and saw that Shawn was gone. I set my alam for 3 hours before we had to go to Justin's concert. My heart was racing. I texted Ally and this is our conversation.

Me: Guess what?!

Ally: What?!


Ally: NO WAY! :D

Me: Yes way. My mom is coming with us if that is okay.

Ally: Sure! Omg! We are going to meet Justin Bieber.

Me: I know. I'll pick you up at 5 PM?

Ally: Okay, g2g. Bye bitch.

Me: Bye slut.

After we had been texting I went to sleep thinking that this was the best birthday ever.





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