I think I'm falling for you

This is a Jelena fanfic. I wrote it because I like Jelena, and I wanted to write a fanfic. Comment what you think✌️
They are both celebs, they start growing feelings for each other and they need to be apart for a couple of months and then things happen, that may put their relationship on a test.


2. The date

Part 2- the date


Justin’s POV


Now the day has come, the day I am going on a date with Selena Gomez, I can’t believe it. I have planned the perfect date, I hope she like it. I woke really early because I was so excited, I went downstairs to Paul, who have been living here since yesterday, he already sat and ate. “Hey Biebs” He said “Hey” I said and yawned. “What are you doing tonight, I thought we could go to a club or something?” “Sorry bro, I already have planes… You could ask a girl to come here and you could have a great time?” I said with a “come on” smile “Maybe, I just wanted to hang out with my bro” He said with a sad tone, looking down in his bowl with cereal. “Sorry man, but I can’t cancel this” I said and walked into the living room, turned on the TV and accidently landed at the gossip channel, I took a quick look, they were talking about Selena and Demi. They were seen at the mall this Wednesday. I zapped forward and landed on cartoon network there were Pokémon, “you will never be to old”, I said to myself.


Now it was 7:30. I only had less than 30 minutes to get done. I totally forgot the time. I ran upstairs took a red suit on made my hair look great and ran downstairs. I accidentally ran into Paul, “I’m sorry” I laughed, “its okay man.. See you later!” He said. I drove the car to Selena’s house. I went up to the front door and ringed on the bell. Her butler opened it and said that she would come down in a minute. I looked at my watch, my feet I was totally shaking. I looked up and there she was, she came down the stairs in a beautiful dress. She was stunning, I couldn’t stop smiling and looking at her. “Hey, you look so stunning” I said, smiled to her and gave her a hug. “Thank you, you look very great” She giggled and bite her lip. I took her hand as we walked out to the car; I opened the door for her. “A gentleman” she said and made a cute little laugh. I closed the door and walked over to the other side “This is really happening” I mumbled to my self.


Selena’s POV


He looked really hot; I just couldn’t stop looking at him. “Have you been excited for tonight?” He asked and smiled at me “Yes, very much… What about you?” “More than excited” He said and giggled. That voice and smile made me so warm inside, I blushed a couple of times on the road to the restaurant. “Now we’re here Sel,” he said. I looked at the restaurant it was so fine and pretty, he really had thought of this date. I stepped out and he took my hand “Is it okay” he asked and blushed a little, “It’s more than okay” I giggled. I don’t know what there was about him; he was just so special and we had so good chemistry. It felled like we had known each other forever. When we came into the restaurant, we were placed with a table that was hide away, so we could be alone and away from the paparazzi. He moved the chair out, so I could sit, “Thank you, I didn’t know you were such a gentleman” I blushed. We sat in the restaurant in like 5 hours and talked about everything. It was insane how open he was, I surprised myself a couple of times. I just said things, I never told anyone… I really felt safe with him and in the whole evening I felt close to him in a sentimental way. We came out and he said we needed to walk a little so he took my hand. “Where are we going Justin?” I said, “You’ll see, trust me” He said and smiled at me.

We where at the beach, there were an ice cream shop that was open. In the middle of the night? Maybe he had planned all this because we didn’t have dessert at the restaurant. He dragged me over to the Ice cream shop. “What do you want?” he said. “Two spoons of chocolate, thanks” “Two waffles with two spoons of chocolate, please” he said to the employer. We took our ice cream and walked along the water and laughed and told our deepest secrets. When we were done with the ice cream, we sat in the sand. “I’ve had a really good time tonight” He said and looked away. “Me too, it’s been a long time since, I’ve had such a great time. You are a really amazing person Justin” I smiled and giggled while I looked right into his eyes. “I’m glad to hear that, you are also amazing Sel” he said and slide his hand through my hair. He moved closer “Sel, do you want to go on a date again with me? He said and made a sexy half smile. “Of course, it would be a pleasure.” I said.  We lay down in the sand while holding hands. I looked at him, while he was staring at the stars; he turned his face towards me and smiled with his beautiful eyes. “You are so beautiful” He said and blushed; I just smiled at him and quickly looked away. “It’s the most special date, I’ve ever had” I mumbled, “What?” he said “Oh nothing” I said.

We walked over to the car and drove home to me. “Thanks for tonight beauty” He said smiling and holding his hands in his pockets. “Its me who are saying thank you” I said, smiling and moved a little bit closer to him. He looked at my eyes and I looked at his, his eyes slightly went down to my mouth, we were staring at each other’s mouths. We came closer; I could feel his warm breath facing my face. He put his arms around my waist, and I put mine around his neck, our lips touched into a long and amazing kiss. We stepped back and I said, “Goodnight, I’m going to miss you” I smiled, blushed and giggled. “Goodnight beautiful, I gonna miss you to” he said smiling, waving and blushing. I waved at him until he was out of sight. Oh my god, he is so amazing and his kisses they are just perfect. I hope were not moving to fast, because I really like him. I was really tired so I fell asleep very fast.

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