The Survivors

In the years that have become disastrous because of an outbreak of a virus that started spreading through out the world. This is when the military sends out a small team that is called the 101st Airborne.


8. Chapter 8

   In the years that we have lived in isolation we now have more people running in our encampment although jade dose not believe that i am trying to be the leader since i am the one that decided to come to my secret encampment base that i built to house Millions of people that were not infected by the Zombies.

 The next day there was a gothic girl and her family that manged to get away from zombies that were just outside of my base and since she is the only that did manged to escape except for her family which met their demise by the zombies which then infected them yet she was so determined to find me but i did not know why she wanted to see me since i am the mayor of a small town located in the woods. As my friend Oscar Bravo-Ramon called me so that's when i realized that it is Jade and her father was my Lt. during WW2 also i literally drove to my base that's when i realized that i was being watched so i got out my 50. Caliber Sniper rifle and i got a really good head shot but i realized it was my old friend Perrie Gomez who served with me in the afghan war back in the day plus i saved her life that's when i poped green smoke and then she followed me back to our secret hiding spot.

 When i entered the base that's when Jade came and hugged me that's when Jade Thrilwall got furious and she came up and kissed me in front of Jade Cortez and then Jade asked if she was my girlfriend and i said yes she is so do we have a problem or are we good that's when she went up to jade and said did you know that david was my first boyfriend and know he is with you This when both Jade's got into but anything i said was just wrong yet that's when jade thrilwall said yet david actually did say he was with a girl named jade and her father was his Lt. in world war 2.

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