The Survivors

In the years that have become disastrous because of an outbreak of a virus that started spreading through out the world. This is when the military sends out a small team that is called the 101st Airborne.


11. Chapter 11

Since my people have been fighting back against these hordes it doesn't mean we give up at all during these pass weeks. As the hordes attack the encampment they become a lot smarter and they start attacking on all sides to a point were i have to literarily come in with armored vehicles and start wiping out the hordes of zombies. Once we cleared out all the hordes of zombies i decided to relocate everyone to Salinas Vile for safety reasons because we just finished reinforcing the walls after last attacks at Salinas Vile. Later that day Little Mix decided to help move everyone to Salinas vile and make sure everyone was inside the encampment.

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