The band split unexpectedly in 2015, and it drew them apart in five different directions, that eventually meet - in a Pentagon.

Niall is presumed dead.

Louis is a professional football player for Manchester United. But will his career suddenly come to a screeching halt?

Harry is happily walking the path of his solo career that he had thought about so many times before...but is steadily turning into a conceited brat who will get what comes to him when he messes with the wrong people.

Zayn is a rising rock star, and backed up by his new band, they may even have a shot at the Grammys. But is the darkness that is slowly surrounding the lyrics he writes, taking over his mind too?

Liam has disappeared off the radar of the paparazzi, and retreated to America. Destroyed by the truama that follows, he goes off the deep end. Scrapping his name and former life completely, he turned into a cold representation of what he used to be, ruling the NYC's underworld.

Anything can happen.


4. Zig Zag





The flight attendant gave James a disapproving look as he pulled the ice cubes out of his coke glass. He handed them, dripping wet, to Zayn. Luke had fallen asleep an hour ago, and the guys were restless from staying in one place for too long, so they had decided to play a prank on their slumbering friend.

James gently moved Luke's head forward so that his shirt collar was exposed. 

"I warned him not to tuck his shirt in," Zayn said mischievously before dropping the whole handful of ice cubes inside.

"AH!" Luke jerked, sitting up suddenly and hitting the chair in front of him in the process. "What the hell - "

The other men exploded with laughter as he tried to rid himself of the Ice down his shirt when a loud angry voice sounded from the chair he had kicked, accompanied with an extremely rude gesture.

 "I swear to god, If you fucktards kick my chair one more time, ill rip off my arm rest and shove it in your arse." It shut them up for a few moments, before Luke whisper yelled at them for a few moments and James continued to snicker, though Zayn was more interested in the hand that had disappeared behind the seat in front of them. He had caught a glimpse of something similar a tattoo he had once known so well.

Out of curiosity, he leaned forward into the gap between the seats in front of him and peeked at their passengers. The man's face was nearly in view, and he could clearly see the arrows tattooed on his right arm. The mans head turned slowly toward him, and Zayn was able to make out a thin jagged scar on the right side of his face. His eyes widened  as the possibility dawned on him and the mans features were becoming more and more familiar until - 


Zayn was jerked backwards as the plane shook a bit violently, and the Pilot announced that there would be some turbulence before arriving in London. Zayn cursed and sat up, rubbing his head looking around wildly. 

"It cant be..." He whispered, and the plane rumbled beneath him as he stared out the tiny window as the rain poured down.  Luke looked over with a worried expression.

"Hey, its alright man, we land in ten minutes and it will be over before you know it," he said, and ruffled Zayn's hair.

"He looks like hes seen a ghost," James commented, and Zayn grimaced.


                   Little did he know.






OK so I know I promised two chapters today...but I didn't know I would be doing a million hours of community service, sorry about that. But on a good note...i got this one finished! ;3 Please comment, to all my 50 something ghost readers...It would mean a lot to me. 

May the force be with you




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