The band split unexpectedly in 2015, and it drew them apart in five different directions, that eventually meet - in a Pentagon.

Niall is presumed dead.

Louis is a professional football player for Manchester United. But will his career suddenly come to a screeching halt?

Harry is happily walking the path of his solo career that he had thought about so many times before...but is steadily turning into a conceited brat who will get what comes to him when he messes with the wrong people.

Zayn is a rising rock star, and backed up by his new band, they may even have a shot at the Grammys. But is the darkness that is slowly surrounding the lyrics he writes, taking over his mind too?

Liam has disappeared off the radar of the paparazzi, and retreated to America. Destroyed by the truama that follows, he goes off the deep end. Scrapping his name and former life completely, he turned into a cold representation of what he used to be, ruling the NYC's underworld.

Anything can happen.


1. Windows



 Liam yawned with a bored expression as he held the smaller man by the throat against the wall with one hand, and ran his fingers through his hair with the other. Ignoring the gurgling sound coming from the man, he gazed out a window over the city and watched the sun as it rose, slowly casting its golden rays upon the skyscrapers and traffic. 

       Liam loved America. It never ceased to amaze him, and New York captured it all. Even in his days with the band, he had basked from the energy that the city gave off, with its structured beauty enticing him from every angle. Thus, why he had moved here after the break in 2015, away from everything he had ever known. It was here that he had been able to escape, where the only place his real name was spoken was in his mind.

       "Lionel...its Lionel isn't it?" Liam drawled, his eyes flickering over as his victim, who nodded vigorously. Liam looked him over with a thoughtful expression, and he loosened his hand a bit so Lionel could answer his next question. "I suppose this is the part where you beg for your life...but I don't want you to do that. Instead, I want you to give me, in three words or less, why the last three missions I've sent you on have been compromised!" 

       Lionel cringed at that last word that his employer had inflicted such malice into. Struggling for breath, he managed to croak out three words.

      "It's Horan - Niall Horan!" Liam looked shocked for a second, before his anger evidently multiplied as he thought the other man must be lying to him.

"Please don't kill me!" Lionel added, after seeing Liam's livid expression.

"You have got to be fucking kidding me." Liam spat. He let go of the other man's throat, only to grab to fistfuls of his shirt and slam him back into the wall. Lionel's head slammed back against the wall with a crack and there were tears streaming out of his eyes from the pain and wetness he could feel from the back of his head. Liam took no notice. 

      "You must think I'm really fucking stupid mate...If you wanted to die, you could have just said so from the start, dammit!" Liam drew one of his sleek black desert eagles and pointed it at his victim's head.

       "No no no! You don't understand, I'm serious sir!" Lionel shouted and shut his eyes, expecting the bullet. When none came, he continued hurriedly with his explanation.

        "It was his men that attacked us. They have been ambushing us for weeks, and one of them shouted that some guy named Niall Horan had a message for you..." He trailed off, unsure that he should finish at the risk of making his boss even more furious. 

        "Tell me!" Liam growled fiercely, his grip on the trigger visibly tightening. Lionel flinched again.        


"He said he was coming for you sir! That...he knew about everything. And just when he had destroyed your...empire as he put it... he was going for someone named Malik I think."


"Did you get anything on him at all? Did you see his face? Anything!!!" Liam snarled, shaking the cowering man back and forth to empathize his words.


       Liam's expression became unreadable, and the sunlight glistened off of one of his snakebites as he turned back toward the window after letting his employee slump to the ground. After a few minutes, he figured he was safe, so Lionel groaned loudly and reached up to rub his neck in relief, when he heard the cold voice call to him.


He lifted his head slowly to look back at his boss, who was still turned away.

       "Yes sir?" Lionel responded, as he struggled to get into a standing position.

       "You gave me four words."

Lionel froze, and Liam turned with a sinister expression on his face to look at the beaten man. 

       "I asked for you to explain in less than three words, and you gave me four." Liam stated, and he moved forward towards Lionel, who frantically tried to remember what he said, and his eyes widened at his mistake.

       "That doesn't count!" He yelled, panicked. " It's does not count as a word!"

       Liam now stood directly in front of the cowering man as he begged once again, for his life. He pulled out his phone and searched for something, and the smile that covered Liam's face chilled Lionel to the bone.

       "I do believe it does..."

       Liam turned the phone around to show Lionel, who cringed as Liam raised his other hand, the one holding the gun, to face him.

        "No, no, no, please, i'll do anything-"



----------------------                                     --------------------------------                  --------------------


       Liam sat at his desk, with his legs crossed at the ankle on top. His eyes were red and bloodshot, as if he had been crying, and a bottle of vodka was more than half empty. One of his hands was covered in blood and scratches. He tapped his fingers in some kind of drum beat, and next to it was his I-Phone. He picked it up, and deleted the Webster page from safari before calling a number on speed dial.

     "Its Payne.

     I'm going to need another hotel to stay in...I've gotten the carpet much too dirty and I don't want to have to pay another cleaning fee.

      Yes, preferably far away from this fact, I think Its time for me to pay a visit back home.

      Schedule a flight say...around one - thirty? And put me in first class.

      If I have to deal with one more snot nosed brat kicking my chair for eight hours, you'll loose more than your job.

        Liam ended the call and slipped his phone into his pocket before closing his laptop. He looked for a moment, catching sight of his reflection in the silver of the laptop. He reached up a hand and traced the zig zag shaped scar that began in the corner of his right eye and ended in the right corner of his mouth. He closed his eyes and there he saw a word he hadn't spoken in years.




        Liam gasped and his eyes opened once again. He looked around as if someone could have seen him, before he covered his laptop in its black case and slung it over his shoulder. Standing suddenly, he walked toward the door, boots crunching on broken glass from the window, and opened it, careful not to step in the blood that had been pooling across the floor. before grabbing his coat and heading down the hall to the elevator.





Finally got one out there. Well, you can see how much Liam has changed in the five years after 1D. The others will be revealed in time, and at some point, they will all be reunited once again, like in the description. Yes, the cover for this story is synchronized with this chapter (sort of.) and this is an intense story, so I wanted an intense cover. Please Please comment!! I love feedback. I really hope you enjoyed, let me know if you want to see more of this Movella! :DDD Chapter One will be in Zayn's POV. 

May the force be with you.



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