The band split unexpectedly in 2015, and it drew them apart in five different directions, that eventually meet - in a Pentagon.

Niall is presumed dead.

Louis is a professional football player for Manchester United. But will his career suddenly come to a screeching halt?

Harry is happily walking the path of his solo career that he had thought about so many times before...but is steadily turning into a conceited brat who will get what comes to him when he messes with the wrong people.

Zayn is a rising rock star, and backed up by his new band, they may even have a shot at the Grammys. But is the darkness that is slowly surrounding the lyrics he writes, taking over his mind too?

Liam has disappeared off the radar of the paparazzi, and retreated to America. Destroyed by the truama that follows, he goes off the deep end. Scrapping his name and former life completely, he turned into a cold representation of what he used to be, ruling the NYC's underworld.

Anything can happen.


2. Walk like a Champion


       "OK, I have to admit, that was amazing," I stated as my friends and I exited the formerly packed movie theater. 

        "I know right," James agreed, pushing one of the bleached strands of his hair back under his beanie.

       "Thank the lord that somebody had the sense to add Wolvie to the Avengers," Added Luke, who was wearing a slightly faded tank top with Wolverine's face on it. Already people were starting to point and stare at us, and a small crowd began to form.

       "Here come the paps," I said warily, but smiled for the cameras. Thank god the limo was already at the curb. By the time we all made it in, at least a hundred fans were still struggling to get a look at the  band members of First Class. Mike shut the door behind him, and we were off.

       I cleared my throat for the thousandth time that night, my voice was always a bit rough after a long performance with the kind of songs we played. We had gone out after our concert that evening with plans to celebrate. We had just finished our American Tour by preforming in the great Madison Square Garden, and since we were already in NYC, I suggested we go out in style. As if that wasn't enough, we had also just been told that we had been nominated for this year's Grammy Awards ceremony. Avengers 4 was practically an appetizer for the evening's events. 

       "Hey boys," I turned to look at James, who was holding three glasses of fresh champagne, and he grinned like a banshee before handing one to each of us.

       "A toast... to the best band civilization has ever known." The glass clinked loudly as we all leaned in, and in that moment, our fate was sealed.

----------------------------                  ------------------------------------------         ------------------------------

       "One. Two. Three - Go!" I yelled, and we all downed our shots as fast as we could - for about the tenth time. We had been at it all night, dancing first, then having a competition to see who could kiss the most girls in an hour - James won of course - but it was definitely good to have a break I couldn't remember when I had last had this much fun with my band. I ran a hand through my hair and accidentally knocked over my glass with an elbow.I think its safe to say, I was drunk.

       "Alright lets stop...hey DJ!" Out of the corner of my eye I saw James shaking his head at me. I stumbled from the bar stool to the DJ booth and he pulled off one side of his headphones. After conversing with him for a bit, I headed back down to my friends with a smirk and whispered something into Luke's ear.

       "You want me to do what with you?" He shouted over the music.

       "Oh come on, it cant be that bad...they'll love it!"

       "Alright. Why not." James added.

       We all left this time, leaving everyone else at the bar in confusion as we headed toward the stage. The crowd, seeing us, started to chant something about us singing, and we borrowed mikes from the band that had been playing before us while James took a seat behind the drums.

      "Whats that? You want a song?" Luke shouted over the crowd's roars. 

       "D-D-D-DJ Malik in the house!" I added, pumping my fist in the air as James gave us a beat. 


Ow why is everybody so petrified?
Step aside.
And just drop that...
Drop that...
Drop that...
Drop that...


------------------------------------     --------------------------------------------    ----------------------------------

       'Well...we made it back to the hotel...even if it was at five in the morning. Thank god our flight at LaGuardia was scheduled for one in the afternoon,' I thought as I pushed open the door to my hotel room and deciding to leave the lights off. Shutting it, everything from my waist up was thrown in a chair and I wondered into the bedroom to collapse on top of the sheets. I shut my eyes, and made a list, a habit i had gotten into a time ago.

5. I have my friends.

4. I'll see my family.

3. I'm doing what I love -

2. - and a damn good job of it too.

1. I have everything I could ever need...

I drifted off into sleep.




A/N: Chapter one is done!!! no one had reviewed yet...but I won't let that discourage meh! Thumbs up for The Avengers anybody? :P

Yes, both Zayn and Liam will be in the next chapter. Will they meet? Read and find out.

The song is Petrified by Fort Minor...I've decided that the songs that First Class sing will be a mix between Fort Minor and Linkin Park. ;3

May the force be with you.




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