When Skylar Vargas gets blackmailed and has to take the blame for something she didn't do and is forced leave the country, her family, and her best friend Jonah she moves to London to meet Perrie Edwards and helps her rise to fame. In the meantime she ends up meeting 5 british lads. Will she forget about Jonah and end up with 1/5 of One Direction? Will the Blackmailer get caught?


2. Getting to know you

Chapter 2: Getting to know you

"So where to?" Perrie asked me as we drove past the school sign.

"Really-" I was cut off by Perrie.

"Sorry, I forgot this is your first day here!" She corrected herself.

"How about we go to Spencer's cafe? They have great food, from sandwiches to sweet bread! They have amazing tea, also!"

"Sounds awesome! I haven't eaten since 8:30 this morning!"

"Sky! It's almost 1:00! How are you not dead yet?!"

"I'm fine, Perrie!" I said, laughing at her comment.

"Let's just go before I do die!" I practically whispered, and I jokingly coughed while holding my throat. Perrie just laughed at me.

As she told me more about the bakery, I imagined it being a cute little cafe with a minimum amount of people. But as we drove up it was like the compleat opposite. It was a super fancy 2 story building. I thought it was amazing!

We parked close to the door and walked right in. A lady dressed in black pants and a nice white shirt smiled at us from behind the podium as we walked towards her.

"How can I help you?" She asked politely.

"We need a table for two please." Perrie responded.

"There will be a small wait," she started handing us a pager.

"But you are more than welcome to look around until your pager rings." She finished pointing to the bookstore behind her. We walked past her and into the store. I took a long looked around.

"This place is filled with people!" I said to myself.

It was beautiful! It looked like a miniature hotel, just without all the rooms. It had Chandeliers, drapes, vases, it was very fancy! Definitely not a "blue jeans" kinda place.

My thought was interrupted by the buzzing in my hand.

"Wow! That was a small wait!" I said looking at the buzzing pager.

"Yeah, they usually do have a short wait." Perrie said taking the pager and walking towards the same lady who gave it to us.

Handing the pager over, the lady guided us up the stairs and to our table.

"The waiter should be over In a few moments to take your drink order." Said the waiter before leaving.

"Thanks." Perrie finished as the lady walked away.

"This place is awesome!" I said still looking at my surroundings.

"Yeah, this place is brilliant!" Perrie said agreeing.

"So tell me about yourself!" Perrie said eagerly.

"Other than your from California and we have the same favorite colors." Perrie joked.

"Well what do you want to know?" I questioned in response.

"Well do you mind telling me about this bestfriend of yours?" Perrie asked.

"My bestfriend." I repeated softly.

"Umm. He... His name is Jonah." I finally spit out.

"I have known him since I was 3 years old. We met when we were in the same pre-school. His mom owned it, and we never left each other's side while behind those doors." I started reviling the past.

"There were times when I was about 5 or 6, at the same elementary school with him, and my parents would go out of town and I would stay with him and his family. He only lived like 7 houses away from me. When I was 10 and my mom left, nobody made me feel better, except for Jonah, he always had the right words. He was always my shoulder to cry on." I kept rambling on.

"And we were in middle school I would walk to his house every morning, cause my dad went to work early, so his mom would take

us to school. I would do Cassie's, his little sister, hair every morning. I would also walk home with him after school and wait for my dad to get off work. Even when I was in high school and had my own car, I would still walk to Jonah's house and we would drive to school together." I said, Perrie just smiled and listened to me.

"Jonah is 1 year older than me, so he always had a bit more experience in everything, when I liked a boy, he could tell if the boy was a right choice, when I first started to drive, he would give me pointers, he taught me how to ride a bike, he went to all my swim lessons, he basically has just always been there for me."

I paused as I saw the waiter walking towards us.

"What can I get you to drink?" He asked politely.

"I take a cup of tea please" Perrie said then looked at me, pointing out it was my turn to order my drink.

"Another tea please." I said with a nod.

"It will be out any moment."

Perrie and I nodded in a grateful response.

"So this Jonah boy sounds like a brilliant mate! But it also sounds like you fancy him a bit, just by the way you talk about him." She looked at me confused a little bit.

"Is Jonah just a friend?" She finished with the question I dreaded most.

There was a long pause of silence before I shrugged my shoulders in response. I honestly didn't know. I love Jonah to pieces! I really do, but like a brother. There have been times when we would hang out and he would be flirty and stuff but I didn't think anything of it because Jonah has always been the flirty personality type, weather he meant to or not.

"I don't know how I feel..." I stared with a pause in the middle.

"But i know how he feels."

I finished with a sigh.

"You know how he feels?" Perrie repeated but as a question.

"I kinda overheard him talking on the phone about a couple of months before I told him I was leaving the country; don't know to who, but he said that he is starting to have feelings for me but that he didn't want to. He called it 'accidental love' or something."

"Skylar, do you fancy him back? The same way he fancies you?"

"Uh, no. I just like the way he laughs, and I love his smile! I like the feeling I get when in hanging out with him, and he never fails to make me laugh! Oh and I love his hair! I play with it all the time!" I responded.

Perrie just stared at me with arms crossed, shaking her head and a smirk in her face.

"Oh my gosh. I like my Best friend?" I asked myself.

"I like my Best friend." I confirmed my own question.

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