The Seventh King of Gauna

By the lake not in this world or another, a man sits by its frozen banks as water fails to break its surface. In the sky, sun is non-existant. Like his life, it fades. As a symbol of his will, it is bleak. With his Nightsmen he continues his journey along the borders of Xiching and Joseon, rallying his supporters against their Hierarchical rule and the six dynasties of Gauna, but a way to destroy their power evades their grasps and instead they remain prisoners to the shade. When set on the trail of a supposed messenger from others who defied their king in the Taoshi region in no-man’s land, they come across many of the exiled and run-away citizens victim to the regional regime. Among them, a young herbalist named Saeji had sought out the no-mans land to escape the evil reign of Chosheon who had executed her entire family in order to rid their kingdom of traitors.


14. Change in Strength

The world had become unbalanced, and beneath my own feet my security began to lift but another force held me there connecting me to my sanity. The sun seemed that little bit brighter and the grass seemed that little bit greener. Heightening in beauty, and I wished I could forever remain there.


Colours blended together in beautiful harmony and songs delivered in the winds rung with absolute harmony. Having awoken from a terror, I felt relieved to recover in relative peace.


But the thawing around my stiff bones and flesh had already begun, and it was shifting differently this time. I could feel it; it wasn’t the same. I might have been scared if I weren’t experiencing my own piece of heaven. Like the ice, the flames were changing too, as if changing their tactics to escape the captor.


I realised then, my head off in the clouds and body attached to the lush grass beneath my feet, that my will was changing too. Now, the blockades that had kept me secured to a cycle were shifting in a different way, it had opened another part of my garden and lake to explore.


For once the thought crossed my mind that things might get better, and with that I returned to earth and peered off, as if with that single concluding thought everything would be just ok.



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