The Seventh King of Gauna

By the lake not in this world or another, a man sits by its frozen banks as water fails to break its surface. In the sky, sun is non-existant. Like his life, it fades. As a symbol of his will, it is bleak. With his Nightsmen he continues his journey along the borders of Xiching and Joseon, rallying his supporters against their Hierarchical rule and the six dynasties of Gauna, but a way to destroy their power evades their grasps and instead they remain prisoners to the shade. When set on the trail of a supposed messenger from others who defied their king in the Taoshi region in no-man’s land, they come across many of the exiled and run-away citizens victim to the regional regime. Among them, a young herbalist named Saeji had sought out the no-mans land to escape the evil reign of Chosheon who had executed her entire family in order to rid their kingdom of traitors.


2. A Frozen Dream

It was like walking on a frozen lake, with each step my caution would rise. With each breath, I'd hold it and wait for the worst hoping it wasn't my last. ­­­A walk by the frozen banks on an ominous night, an idea that peace might arrive upon daybreak keeping you from throwing yourself under. Around me, the wind laughs in pity and a resounding harp of taunting sneers breaks that wish in fractions.


The ice creeps into my bones and I feel my actions stiffen; I no longer had the will to push forward. I didn't want to push forward if nothing was in sight at the other side. Ahead, beyond that frozen lake was a hill, and beyond that darkening skies that promised no more than a further storm of snow and hail readying to bury me under.


I didn't have to push forward any longer, nothing left to lure me to prolong a suffering far beyond it's expiration date.


So, as I look up into the skies and the last remnant of blue in a sea of black and white, I promise to end it here and, as the promise makes its rounds in my being, the blue is clouded over.



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