Diana (Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

my name is Diana I am a suicidal , I self-harm , I'm always depressed nobody loves me , my mum sent me away because she didn't love me and she sent me away to live in the Orphan , I only got one friend she is called Leah she lives with her mum. I love One Direction will they ever see what is happening to me.

*Read to find what happens*


15. Wedding pt 1

. *Diana's POV*


I woke up with a banging headache and I sat up and so Harry still sleeping , I looked at my legs and they had water on them , I quickly went to the bathroom and fell on my butt because of my stupid tail , I tried it off and went to have a shower and washed my hair and did my other business , then I went to the bedroom and choose this > 

I ran downstairs and grabbed my bag and car keys and everyone saw me and didn't see anything they were confused , I rushed into my car and drove to the beach.


**Skip Car Ride**


I arrived at the beach and rushed to the water because my crystal necklace was on it last colour all off them turned black and I got into the water and my tail grow , then the water started boiling this is it , I'm not going to be a mermaid anymore and then a flash of light came and raise me up from the water and I looked down and saw my tail has gone and the light set me down on the stand on my feet and I cut my knee on the rock but I didn't turn into a vampire so that's a goodbye too. 


I turned around and saw the boy's hiding behind the tree and I walked the other way to my car and I got in and drove to the studio, I miss my mum but she hates me she is only proud about my sister not ME. I arrived at the studio and I got out and went inside and paid and put my music on , I had my little room when I was little , I put my music on and I did a black flip and I ran front flip , back flip , splits. 


I turned around and I thought I would never see....


I was very shock I said sobbing "What you doing here , I thought you were died". "Well sweet heart you were wrong , don't I get hug then". my dad said and I ran to him and hugged him and I cried for hours and we talked till it was dark and I asked "Dad where are you staying at now , my wedding is today and you are invited". he smiled and he said "Who is this lucky fellow?". he said with a wide smile and I said "He is standing in the door". I pointed and my dad got up and I ran to Harry and hugged him he said "I thought something happened to you never do this again". I kissed his lips because he was talking to much. 


I looked at harry and my dad I said "Harry meet my dad , Dad meet Harry and yes you think my dad was dead but I thought wrong". They shaked hands and I heard my phone ringing and I left Harry and my dad talking and I ran and did a front flip and splits , I saw a message from MUM


From : Devil Mum


I heard your father is not dead coming to get you , little bitch.


I dropped my phone and Harry and Dad came running and I said to dad " Mum is coming to get me , you need come to my house now DAD I'm not letting you getting hurt again". They nodded and Harry and the boy's went inside their car and me and my dad got into my car I had my phone and bag good , we drove home , we have arrived and we quickly got into the house and locked all the windows and doors and I said to dad " DAD go down to the basement it will be safer boy's you as well I be all right here". They nodded but Harry spoke up and said "I'm staying here with you , I don't want you hurt". "Harry your a human and my mum is a vampire she will suck the hell out of you , I'm not a mermaid or vampire anymore because the light you saw everything went". 


He nodded and went down to the basement and I heard the loud bang and I opened the door and I texted Harry saying : 


To/ Haz 


Keep quiet and call the cops now , my mum is here shhh ok I'm fine.


I put my phone in my back pocket and I opened the door and she barged in and I said "Nice to see you mother". she growled and I laughed and she said "WHAT THE FUCK, WHERE'S YOUR DAD , I CAN SMELL HIM". "He is safe don't worry and you not going to get him , he divorced you because he hated you and you made him go bad on me , well well mother too later , BOYS GET IN HERE , YOU FELL INTO MY TRAP". she rushed to me and all my strength I throwed her across the room and she had red eyes and fangs and she charged at me and I froze her feet (A/N Yes she still has powers) I laughed while saying "Well your not clever aren't you , cops coming and it will be bye bye mother good luck in hell". I un-freeze her feet and the cops , but the chains on her and took her away , and closed the door. 


I said "Well let's get ready for the wedding then , Zayn call Perrie ,Jade and Jesy and everyone else to start getting ready". they nodded and went to my room , took a nice warm shower and got out and put on my dress , shoes e.t.c 


Wedding Dress >

 Wedding shoes > 

Bridesmaids Dresses > 

3rd Bridesmaid's dress > 

Danny's Suit > 


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