Diana (Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

my name is Diana I am a suicidal , I self-harm , I'm always depressed nobody loves me , my mum sent me away because she didn't love me and she sent me away to live in the Orphan , I only got one friend she is called Leah she lives with her mum. I love One Direction will they ever see what is happening to me.

*Read to find what happens*


5. School Part 2/3 :)


* Shay POV*


I was walking to collage and I was thinking how is Louis doing I haven't seen him in ages he is probably in high school got sent back because he was the bad ass in are school I really do miss him we was always together like best friends. I was in my little world until I bumped into someone and I said "I'm so so sorry". "It's fine love". he said in his thick Doncaster accent , I looked up and it was him it was my childhood best friend Louis. 

I smiled and I said "Louis is that you , OMG I missed you". I then hugged him. 


Oh sorry you probably thinking who I'm I well I introduce myself to you.


Name : Shay


Age: 21 


Personality : Loving / Caring / Funny / kinda punk (style is punk)



Hobbies : Singing / Dancing / Drawing and playing the piano


Favourtie Animal : Cheetah's and peacocks 


eye colour : Brown


Hair colour : Blonde with blue tips (A/N Sorry I couldn't find a girl with blue tips with blonde hair)


Favourite singer/ boy band : One Direction and Demi Lovato also Little Mix 


Favourite Colour :  Hot pink / Teal / and purple also lastly grey.


*Louis POV*


I bumped into someone and she looked so familiar , now I remember it is Shay my childhood best friend that I didn't get in touch with since then "I'm so sorry love". she was in her little thought and she saw who it is and she hugged me and she said is was Shay OMG I had a crush on her for ages. 

I said " Shay ermm I had ermm a crush on you since high school so I was wondering will you be my girlfriend?".  she then thought for a min and I waited for her to answer then she said " Yes I would love to be your girlfriend always dreamed about it". and I picks her up and his her lips and we were kissing passionate and she already 21 because her birthday is the same date as me.


*Diana's POV*


I was in class and I put my hand up and I said " Sir please can I go to the toilet please". he nodded and I went and took my bag and I put the toilet seat down and took out my razor out and started cutting from the bully , one for being a ugly bitch , 2nd not being pretty , bitch , slut by the I had so many cuts and I put my jacket on top and I went to the headteachers office and I knocked on the door and I heard a come in. 


I went in and I said "Sir I'm not feeling well can I go home please". he nodded and went out of his office to go and tell my English teacher I was going home , I went to the office and I signed myself out got my keys out of my bag and unlocked my car , put my seat belt and started the engine and I flt the blood dripping inside my jacket , so I slowly took my jacket off and throwed it at the back seat while still looking at the road.  


**Skip Car Ride**


I arrived home and went straight upstairs and pass the boys and my dad and Danny he can't see my cuts so I went and have a quick shower , it felt nice but the stinging and the pain is hurting every bad , I dried myself of slowly , and got dressed into this > 

I went downstairs after I put a bandage on my arm , I picked up Danny and he looked at my arm and said " What happened to your arm mummy". "Ermm Nothing sweet heart go and play outside with uncle Liam , I saw Zayn , Harry , Liam with Danny nearly all the boy's and then Harry said " You have self-harmed yourself haven't you?". I nodded and I started crying "I told you I-I-I c-c-can't s-s-stop please h-h-h-help me I fell to my knees and Harry rocked me back and forth.  



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