Diana (Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

my name is Diana I am a suicidal , I self-harm , I'm always depressed nobody loves me , my mum sent me away because she didn't love me and she sent me away to live in the Orphan , I only got one friend she is called Leah she lives with her mum. I love One Direction will they ever see what is happening to me.

*Read to find what happens*


20. Perrie's and Diana sister's day out! Pt 1

*Perrie's POV*


I woke up and saw Zayn sleeping soundly and I got up  quietly so I didn't wake up Zayn and went into the bathroom to have a quick shower , while I was in the shower I thought me and Diana are sisters we could have a girls day out and then later we could have a movie marathon with the boy's , I got out a dried myself off and I walked int the bedroom and choose this to wear > 

I saw that Zayn was waking up and I said " Me and Diana are having a girls day and after that if you like we could do a movie marathon with the rest of the boy's also Danny and my girls". "Yeah Ok but good luck waking up Diana she is a heavy sleeper". I nodded and went and knocked on Diana's door , I waited and saw that Harry opened the door and I said again "Me and Diana are having a girls day out , then later we going to have a movie marathon if you like with Danny and the rest of the girls if you like". he nodded and said " Sure , and good luck again waking her up she gets really grumpy". 


He went downstairs and I went inside the bedroom and I went over to her bed I shaked her and she groaned I said " Wake up Diana , we going to have a girls day today then later a movie marathon with the boy's". she woke up and she said " Sis what you doing here at 7 am". "It's noon hun we slept in". I said while laughing and she throwed a pillow at me at me and I Said " Come get up and get dressed I meet you downstairs". I throwed the pillow back at her.


**Diana's POV**


I woke up by my sister shaking me and saying "Diana wake up , we are going to have a girls day out and later with the boys and other girls a movie marathon". I stumbled out of bed and she went downstairs OMG , I yawned and looked in the mirror eeekkk , I look horrible I took a quick shower and I dried myself off and went into my walk in closet and choose this outfit > 

I went downstairs and both of my dad's looked at me up and down and I said "What you looking at dad's". Then Niall (1st Dad) said " Your not going anywhere like that young lady , your married and I don't want boy's flirt with you". " Dad I will tell them off don't worry ok , I know I am married I would never ever in my life cheat on Harry ok Love you guys , come Perrie".  Me and Perrie Linked arms and we entered my car and we put the radio on full blast and we sang along to move , then midnight memories came on. 


I parked my car first we are going to the mall then going to the spa to have some relaxation , we got out and we linked arms and I said " Where should we go to first sis". "How about forever 21 , then holistic , River Island , New look and then starbuck's". I nodded and we went to forever 21 and saw a beautiful dress I got it and it is quiet short but oh well , I got some shoes and Jewellery with it and paid for it. Then Perrie as well paid for her's and we got are bags and left and we went to the other shops.


I said " Perrie you go and get starbuck's please and meet at that water fountain ok love you". then she yelled back " Ok Love you too". I walked into the Jewellery store and I asked the Lady " Hello and Excuse me have you got anything for a sister necklace". "Yes we have please follow me , its over here". she said and I followed her to the glass and saw the beautiful necklace and I said " I would like to take that please". she nodded and went to the cashier and I paid for it and met Perrie at the water fountain and she had my Carmel Frappé.


We started walking to the car and I said " Why don't we put our bags in the boot and then go to the spa". " Yeah lets do that good Idea sis". she said smiling and un-locked my car and we put everything into the boot and we closed the car again. We started walking to the spa and we took are clothes of and put them on the chair and they gave us massages , I thought I would fall asleep. 


When they finished and I said " Shall we go and do our Nails on our fingers and toes yeah". She nodded and this is how they looked like 


Perrie Nails: 

   Toes : 



Diana's Nails : 

Diana's Toes : 

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