Diana (Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

my name is Diana I am a suicidal , I self-harm , I'm always depressed nobody loves me , my mum sent me away because she didn't love me and she sent me away to live in the Orphan , I only got one friend she is called Leah she lives with her mum. I love One Direction will they ever see what is happening to me.

*Read to find what happens*


3. New Guest! Diana's best friend

Hello my name is Leah and I am 18 years old my birthday is on the 26th January , my hobbies are : Running , skateboarding e.t.c and many more , My personality are : Outgoing , loveable , caring , friendly.  I knew Diana since when we were in 7th grade her mother never loved her but my mum took her in for a bit , then she was sent to the orphan. I miss her I hope she will text me soon if she does still remember me. 


*Diana's POV*


I woke up and I had this dream that I knew a girl called Leah , I looked at my phone and it was midnight , I couldn't sleep I got dressed into a night gown and put my slippers on and I let out my hair and leave it down this is what I wore > 

I went downstairs and I made myself some tea and I went over to the window and sat on it a looked out , I saw lots of drunk people , I heard little footsteps coming downstairs I put my tea on the table , I got up and saw Danny standing with is blanket and teddy bear and he said " Mummy I can't sleep with Daddy". " Aww come here and who might be daddy". I said giggling while picking him up. he said " Daddy stands for uncle Harry I love him". Awww so cute I rock him back and forth until he fell asleep and I could hear little snoring so I pulled out the couch that turns into a bed and laid him on the couch and covered him up.


I then heard someone come down again and I turned around and saw Harry , I said " What you doing up at Midnight?". " I couldn't sleep same like you and BTW you look sexy in your shirt". he said looking up and down and I said laughing " Take a picture it will last longer and thanx". I walked over to him and I sat on the counter and I said " Do you know what Danny called you it was very sweet?". " What did he call me?". he said , "He called you Daddy in that cute". 


He came in between my legs and said " Yeah and will you go on a date with me tomorrow at 7?". I looked at him for a second and I will give him a change and I said " Yes I would love to go on a date with you". we smiled and he kissed my lips and we were making out and I pulled away because I heard Danny crying. "Harry Stop , Danny is crying need to go and calm him down , we can do this later or tomorrow". I said smirking. I jumped down from the counter and went and pick Danny up and he was wide away and I said " Couldn't sleep". he said quietly " No Mummy but Where's daddy?". I carried him and saw Harry and but him down and he ran to harry.


*Harry's POV*


I invited Diana to go on a date with me tomorrow at 7 and she had agreed SCORE I kissed her and we was making out , but then she heard Danny crying and she jumped down and went to get him and I was about to open the back door so get some fresh air when I feel a little hand touch my hand and I looked down and saw Danny and he said "Daddy can we go t to the garden please". " Sure pumpkin". I said smiling and I picked him up and sat him on my lap and saw the sun raise up because it started to be morning.


I then heard the back door open and it was Diana , she went over to us and kissed Danny on the forehead and I said "Hey where is my kiss?". " fine where?". she said smirking , I then said " I dare you on the lips". She kissed me on the lips and pulled away , Danny then said " EWWW Mummy and Daddy kissed". then we laughed and we went in because it was starting to get cold. Danny ran upstairs and saw he went into Liam's Bedroom. 


I looked at Diana and I said " Now where were we , aha yes now I remember". I went over to Diana and crashed my lips on to hers and we started to have a make-put session , she jumped and wrapped her legs around my waist and we took it upstairs you know what happened next. 


*Diana's POV* 


I woke up and I got up and saw that our clothes were on the floor and I got up quietly and went to have a quick shower and did my business and I choose this for school today yes I got school > 

I wore this and I went downstairs and I said " Good morning boy's , I got one question , are you busy today?".  Then Liam said " Good morning, and where not busy but we could look after Danny and you can go to school in your new car".  he throwed me the keys.  I was shock and I said "Who bought me the car did dad buy it". Liam said "Yeah Niall did but he sleeping so yeah". "When he comes down say that I said thank you for the car". I said while smiling , "Well I gotta go before I'm late see yea  boy's". 


I went outside and saw my car , this is how it looked like >


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