Diana (Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

my name is Diana I am a suicidal , I self-harm , I'm always depressed nobody loves me , my mum sent me away because she didn't love me and she sent me away to live in the Orphan , I only got one friend she is called Leah she lives with her mum. I love One Direction will they ever see what is happening to me.

*Read to find what happens*


14. Missing but came back

 *Diana's POV*


I looked at my phone I saw a missed call from Harry , I thought soon I be marrying harry so I thought I should go back home , I gave my keys to the lady behind the desk of the hotel , yea I was staying at the hotel for 5 days because I'm monster can't go back and hurt Danny or anyone else , Oh well I started walking to the house and as I arrived the boy's were in the back garden with the girlfriends and Danny playing in the pool and I climbed the wall behind the tree , and I saw all the boy's but not Harry and I saw Perrie my best friend as well looking after Danny. 


Niall (Dad) Looked sad and Harry as well and my phone made a noise and everyone turned to the tree I climbed it as high as I can , I looked at the text it was harry 


From : my baby boy <3


Hey I know you up in that tree , Niall sad because he misses you but he didn't dump Jade but he said she is not allowed to come anymore. x please come back down x Harry


I texted back saying : 


To  : My Baby boy 


Ok I will and I got to show everyone something get everyone sat down together x D


I saw everyone getting together and I shouted "I'm sorry Liam". then he said " It's ok come down please". I saw Dad's eyes light up and I jumped down and everyone gasp and I looked them weirdly and I took a mirror out and looked at my face bruises after bruises and cuts and I said " Don't worry , I had some fights with people , even my mother but I'm fine , You thinking why I'm a vampire well my mum was a vampire but never told me so when I was 13 she turned me into one and got sent to the orphans and I had to hide it and sorry Liam that I scared you". Everyone got up and hugged me but Niall or Harry did.


Then they released and I hugged Niall , then hugged Harry as tight I could and he hugged back. I saw Danny running to me and hugging me  and I hugged him and put him on my back and gave him a piggy bag and we played all day till it was getting dark so I said " Why don't we have a movie marathon". Everyone nodded and I got Danny and we went upstairs and I changed him into his pyjamas and I was dressed already in my pyjamas > 

 I picked up Danny up and we went downstairs and I gave Danny to Perrie because she is staying here with us till she goes back on tour , and I went to get a glass of water and I put it into my lips and then drank it , but then there was a big pain in my legs and I fell on the floor and my eyes changed into bright blue eyes > 

Then everyone came in and I said " Take me outside NOW and chain me up to a tree please, then Harry picked me up and sat me next to the tree and perrie was covering Danny's eyes and I smiled and said " Perrie take him inside please , I don't want him to see this please". Then I saw them went inside and they went into the shed and looked for chains and I looked at the sky oh no the moon , I said " GUYS HURRY UP". they came running with Chains and tied me up as tight as they can and I took the ring off and gave it harry and he looked confused and I said/ shouted in pain because it was starting "Keep it safe and when this is over give it me back because I don't WANT TO GET RUINED OK GO INSIDE PLEASE". 


Everyone went inside and I looked at the moon and I saw my leg's disappearing and turned into a bright blue tail , I thought what the heck , red eyes= Vampire , Bright blue eyes = Mermaid , I thought my mum was a Vampire but there was something strange about my sister bright blue eyes , My sister is a mermaid oh no I need to find her , when I get my legs back and I looked at the moon and it made me stronger and struggled with the chains but broke them and went into the pool and I caught my breath and I touched my neck and there was gill's. 


I got out of the water and thought I can I dry off and then I put my hand over my tail and started slowly making it to a fist and I was back to my outfit and legs and got up and went to the door I saw the boy's inside the living room and Perrie saw everything and I got my hand on the door and tried opening it but it was locked.


I said to perrie "Open up I'm fine". she opened up and hugged me and I said " It is my sister she is a mermaid so I'm I , also a vampire so that makes me half vampire half mermaid. They nodded and watch all night movies and cuddled up with Harry and Danny came in the middle and me and Danny fell asleep.


Diana's Mermaid Tail > 



A/N Hope you enjoyed this book , I might make a new one called Adopted by Simon Cowell  so Hope you liked this book , COMMENT , FAVOURITE , LIKE XX PEACE OUT CUPCAKES Erika_Horan12

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