Diana (Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

my name is Diana I am a suicidal , I self-harm , I'm always depressed nobody loves me , my mum sent me away because she didn't love me and she sent me away to live in the Orphan , I only got one friend she is called Leah she lives with her mum. I love One Direction will they ever see what is happening to me.

*Read to find what happens*


9. Meet 2 New guest


*Diana's POV*


I woke up got up and stretched , I went inside my bathroom and did my business , I came out and went into my walk in closet and I choose today to be a bad girl style so I choose this > 

 I went downstairs and saw my dad with a girl she had Mousey r brown hair , I said "Dad going out with my friends see yea". when I was about to leave the house , he said " Hold on a second miss you need to know my girlfriend first". "Do I fucking have too?". I said with a boring voice , then he said " Yes and don't swear young lady". I walked over and plopped down on the couch and I saw all the boy's there look shock because what I am wearing.


Then Niall (Dad) said " Go on the babe introduce yourself".  I was sitting here boring and waiting , I said " Come on we haven't all day god". she said then in a bitchy tone " Let me introduce myself guys".


Name : Jade Una Cole 


Age: 20 


Personality : Bubbly and carefree 


Hobbies : Painting and playing guitar and watching horror films


Eye Colour : Hazel 


Hair Colour : Light Mousey brown


She then said " I am very happy that I met Niall , I love you babe". then they started kissing in front off me and I got up and said " Well I am off , It was nice meeting you NOT , BTW Liam please look after Danny he is sleeping at the moment". he nodded and smiled widely. I went too the door and unlocked on my car and got in and this time I put my seatbelt on and I was driving to starbuck's then going to the park where I have to my Bad A$$'s friends. 


I walked into starbuck's and Ordered my coffee with two sugars with Milk and I gave her my name and she shouted it out and I walked over to her paid and left , I went to the park because it was right next to Starbucks , I saw my friend Anaira and I walked over to her and there was this girl with her that I don't know her from anywhere.  I said " Hey Anaira who is this bitch?".  "Oh This is my sister Jessa she kind of a bad ass like us and yeah she is sometimes a bitch". I laughed and she turned around and faked smiled and I said " Well I know I got here but I got to go home to see my little baby brother that is very ill". They nodded and I heard Jessa say "What a bitch how can you be friends with her". and then I heard Anaira say " I know just using her for money". I thought to myself that's it I'm not talking to her ever again. 


I got into my car and drove home to see my little boy Danny because he couldn't eat or drink so I am rushing to go and see my baby boy.    


**Skip Car Ride**


I arrived home and I saw Jade holding Danny I took off my heels and walked over Danny and he saw my jumped out of her skinny arms and ran to me saying "Mummy your back , I missed you I don't like her" I laughed and I went with him to the garden and we played so many games and I looked at my phone and it already said 9:00 am , I shouted for Danny " Danny come bed time". he came running and we went upstairs and he got changed into his pyjamas and then said " Mummy can I sleep with you and daddy please". I nodded and I put him into my bed and Harry's and changed into my pyjamas > 

**Next Morning**  


*Jenna's POV* 


I want to get out of this hell hole , I don't like being in the orphan , every girl in here hates me even when I first came here all the boy's asking me out but I turned now down . Oh sorry guys I introduce myself.     




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