Diana (Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

my name is Diana I am a suicidal , I self-harm , I'm always depressed nobody loves me , my mum sent me away because she didn't love me and she sent me away to live in the Orphan , I only got one friend she is called Leah she lives with her mum. I love One Direction will they ever see what is happening to me.

*Read to find what happens*


1. Introduction Diana x

Hello My name is Diana , I got blue eyes and Black hair. I used to live with my mum and dad but my dad past away 3 months ago when he was coming to pick me up from school. I was now blaming me for all this has happened. My Mum sent me to the orphan because she never loved me she only loved my sister who is a BRAT. I started self-harming when I was 13 but now I'm 18 soon to be 19 because my birthday is on the same date as Harry Styles. 


Name: Diana Webster

Age: 18 1st February 1994

Hobbies : Running, cross country , Football and many more

Personality : Shy , doesn't talk , lovable caring friendly 

Favourite singer/Boy band : Union J , One Direction , Demi Lovato , Little Mix

Favourite colour : Red , white , black and blue

Animal : Dog and Tiger.

I woke up super early and I  went to have a quick shower because the Lady who runs the Orphan doesn't like me and I have to cook , clean , and do the little kids chores and their is one kid called Danny that was here when he was born and he calls me Mummy because I have raised him myself , I went into the bathroom and sang I just love to sing. I finished all my business and went to my room and when into my closet and wore this > 

 I left a note saying (Gone Shopping Miss.Brown for food , for everyone in the orphans)                                                                                                                                                     I got my bag and went outside so the sunny day in London normally we have crap weather it sometimes is rainy , I started walking and looked at my phone and clicked notes because on the I got my shopping list is says 1. Milk , 2. Bread , 3. Water , 4. Toilet paper , 5.stuff for sandwich's.  I arrived to the shop and opened the door and went down the ale and got everything I had on my list. I paid for them and the lady asked me a question " Why have you got cuts on all of your arm". Oh shit I forgotten to hide them oh no ermm "It's none of your business , good day". I said very angry.


I started walking to the sunshine orphan , I was lost in thoughts I haven't cut myself today "When I come back I going to cut because my razors are my drug I am addicted. I arrived and I opened the door with the spare key that we keep under the mat. When I have opened the door, I put the key under the mat again and closed the door with my foot and nobody was up yet it was only Danny that is 3 years old and his birthday is the 2 of February.  


I went to the kitchen and started cooking everyone some toast with jam and for Miss.Brown and full English breakfast and a cup of coffee , I put them on the tray and I had Danny following me every were , I have arrived upstairs in front off Miss.Browns bedroom and I knocked until I heard a come in.  I knock again and I heard a come in. I said " Hello ermm I made you this and are you feeling ok? , if you like I can look after the Orphan if you like if your a very ill".  she then said " Thank you dear , I'm so sorry if I was beating you , I'm so sorry I know you had a hard time.I can tell by your arms and yea could you run the Orphan today there are 5 boys coming and a 3 couples are coming to adopt and I not feeling well". 


I closed the door and woke everyone up and I helped them dress and I went downstairs and saw everyone eating what I made for them , I picked up Danny and I heard the doorbell ring there 3 couples and the 5 boys might be here. 


*Niall POV*


I was the first one to wake up and I looked at the time and I heard my phone ringing , I got up and took a shower quickly and got dressed , I looked at my caller ID it was uncle Si , I answer it. (Phone Conversation)


N= Hello Uncle Si


S= Hi Niall , I'm Angry because it the magazine is says One Direction last night saw Drunk so I making you to go and adopt 2 children ok end of conversation bye Niall. 


N= Ok Uncle Si , Bye 


Then he hung and I shouted for the boy's  " BOY GET THE FUCK UP NOW , WERE GOING SOMEWHERE COME ON". I heard them running around and I got myself some water and drank it and but the empty bottle into the bin.  and I saw all the boy's downstairs and I said with a serious voice " I got a phone call of Uncle Simon and he saw that we were drunk yesterday it is in the magazine and he wants us to Adopt 2 children a younger boy like 3 and a girl that is 18 so lets go into my car come on chop chop". 


We started driving to the adopting centre.   *Arrived at Sunshine adopting centre*  


Everyone was out the car and I got out of the car and entered and knocked on the door and the was 3 couples here as well to adopt. 


*Diana's POV*  


I heard the knock on the door and I shouted to the kids " KIDS GET IN LINE OR DO WHAT YOU NORMALLY DO WHEN THEY ARE HERE TO ADOPT". The kids got up and do what they always do , I opened the door and saw the 3 couples and One Direction and I said " Welcome to the Orphans , the manger is ill so I am in charge please do come in". They all came in and looked around and the 5 boy's sat down on the couch and I went to the kitchen and I could see everything that was happening and I put Danny down and he said " Mummy could I got and play with the paint please". "Sure sweetheart wait here for one min let mummy finish the dishes". 


I finally finished and Danny was dragging me to the paint and I rolled his sleeves up and kissed his forehead , I went over to the boy's and I said " Would you like anything to drink??". The Blonde one said " Could we have some water please". I nodded and I went to the kitchen and I got 5 bottles and I have one to each one. I went to the first could and I said " Hello My name is Diana the manger is sick so I'm in charge do you see any children you would like to adopt?".    


The Mother said " Yes I would lie to adopt this little girl her name is Sophie , and that boy called Josh please". I nodded and said " Please follow me to the office". I handed them all the papers to sign and I gave them the copy and I kept where they signed and we left the office and I called over Josh and Sophie " Josh and Sophie come here please". They both said an the same time "Yes Mummy?". "Go and pack your bags your getting adopted by this couple I going to miss you." I said sadly/ happily .


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