Diana (Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

my name is Diana I am a suicidal , I self-harm , I'm always depressed nobody loves me , my mum sent me away because she didn't love me and she sent me away to live in the Orphan , I only got one friend she is called Leah she lives with her mum. I love One Direction will they ever see what is happening to me.

*Read to find what happens*


7. Girls day out!! xx

*Diana's POV*


We went to the salon and I dyed my hair this colour > 

and then we went into different shops and I bought this > 

Pants > 

Shoes > 

Electronics stuff > 

and we went to buy some stuff for Anaira and she dyed her hair like mine , she didn't buy lots of stuff I forgotten to buy dress so going to buy one for me and one for Anaira > 

Dresses > 

Shoes > 

Electronics / pants >

 A/N Hope you like this chapter sorry the is not much information next chapter I promise will be better xx Erika_Horan12

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