Diana (Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

my name is Diana I am a suicidal , I self-harm , I'm always depressed nobody loves me , my mum sent me away because she didn't love me and she sent me away to live in the Orphan , I only got one friend she is called Leah she lives with her mum. I love One Direction will they ever see what is happening to me.

*Read to find what happens*


17. A/N Authors Note NOT A CHAPTER SORRY!!

Hey my cupcakes This

is not a chapter please comment what you think

about my book because I am thinking deleting this book

if I don't have enough comments please

guys could you read my book and comment

Please it will be my dream come true love you my cupcakes and Happy Valentines Day hope you had a great day on this special day with you BF/GF love you guys but I didn't have a Valentines guy but I got you guys , DON'T FORGET TO LIKE, COMMENT AND FAV xxx


Peace out xx Erika_Horan12

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