Diana (Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

my name is Diana I am a suicidal , I self-harm , I'm always depressed nobody loves me , my mum sent me away because she didn't love me and she sent me away to live in the Orphan , I only got one friend she is called Leah she lives with her mum. I love One Direction will they ever see what is happening to me.

*Read to find what happens*


2. ADOPTED .............. :) / :(


Still Diana's POV


I saw Sophie and Josh with the little suitcase's and I hugged them and I said " Be good for your new parents , going to miss you lots love you". I started crying and they hugged me as tight as they could , and they got hold of the new mum and dad hands and I went and opened the door for them and waved goodbye they are going to have a good place to stay. I went inside and the other couple came and said " We would like to adopt Zac , Emily  please". I said " Sure , Zac and Emily come here please". They came running to me and said " Yes Mummy?". " Go and start packing because you being adopted". I said giggling. 


*Niall's POV*


When we came in I saw that the girl had a little boy about 3 and she looked 17/18 we came in and she told us to sit on the couch or look around , so we did and I saw her picking up the little boy and saying "Danny wait for a min so mummy finished doing the dishes". Then she came out with Danny in her arms and roll her sleeves up so he doesn't get messy are cute , I might adopt that Girl and that little boy Danny. 


I said to the boy's " I might adopt that little boy over the in the painting area and the girl said before Diana because have you see the cuts on her hands". Then Liam said " Yeah I agree we can get her to stop self harming".  


A/N Sorry for the short point of view


*Diana's POV*


I saw that Niall was talking to Liam and pointing at Danny , Oh no please I can't live without him and then I saw Emily and Zac come down with there suitcase's and I gave the parents all 3 files and I hugged them and that was the last couple here. 


I went over to the boy's and I said " I be right with you need to check something ok , by the way my name is Diana". I went up to my room and started packing and I went into Danny's room and got his favourite teddy and I got his clothes , I went to my room again and packed all my clothes and make-up , shoes e.t.c , I had a little a bit of room so I put Danny's clothes in there. I went to Miss.Browns room and I knocked and went inside I said " Miss.Brown you can go home because all the children have been adopted but not me and Danny but the 5 boy's still have to adopt". " Well done Diana and Ok I will go home thank you". She said smiling. 


I went downstairs and saw them and I said " Well see any kid , there's only me and Danny over there would you like to adopt Danny he would be perfect for the family". I tear slipped out my eye and I went to get Danny and cleaned him up and rolled his sleeves down. I picked him up and started walking to the 5 boys and Niall said " We would like you adopt Danny and you".


I said " Me nobody would want me I just Self-Harm and I can't stop , my arms , thighs also wrist". " Well were adopting you so you can have a happy family ready to go and were adopting Danny as well". I smiled and kissed Niall's cheek and I ran upstairs to get my suitcase and ran to Miss. browns and said " Bye Miss I got adopted with Danny as well well Hope you ok love you Ms". " Aww Well done , bye miss you and love you here are your money and phone also papers". I went downstairs and I gave the papers to Niall and he filled them in and gave them back. I gave them to Ms.Brown and we waved goodbye.  


We left and Danny ran to Harry and I giggle and Harry said " Oh you think it's funny". "N-N-No". I kept giggling , Harry gave Danny to dad (Niall) , and Harry came over to me and I started laughing and he picked me up and throwed me over his shoulder. 


*Harry's POV*


I heard Diana giggling and I said " Are you laughing?". "N-N-NO I'm not laughing". she said while giggling , I gave Danny to Niall and I went over to her and throwed her over my shoulder and she kept kicking my back and I kept hold of her and we entered the car and she had to sit on my lap all the way through and then Niall said " Well Diana tell us about yourself.  I saw her blush because she was on my lap I really like her so I might ask her on a date ad get to know her better myself. 


*Diana's POV* 


Harry wouldn't let go so I had to sit on his lap , I blushed a bit hope he didn't see it then Niall said " Well Diana tell us about your self".  " Well My name is Diana Webster but my last name is going to be Horan because you adopted me , I'm 18 and my birthday is the same as harry's and Danny's is on the 2 , When Danny came to the orphans nobody wanted to look after him only me , so he calls me Mummy , my fav colour is Red , white and blue , my fav animal are a dog and tiger my hobbies are Running , Cross country , many more , my personality shy , lovable , caring, friendly and oh I love you guys , you made me stop cutting but I started again because my dad past away and my mum never loved me". I hid in Harry chest and cried.


I then fell asleep and the car stopped I opened my eyes and all the boy's were outside getting my bag and harry was smiling at me and I said " Can you let off my now". "No give me a kiss on the lips". he said smirking and I said "Really that's how you going to make you to let go". he nodded and I kissed his lips and I felt sparks , and pulled away and said " Get of me now". he let go and went outside and got Danny in my arms and I said do you want to go to the park". he nodded and we went inside and the house was huge. 


The house >


Kitchen > 

Living Room > 

Harry's Bedroom  > 

Diana's Bedroom  > 

Niall's Bedroom  > 

Liam's Bedroom  > 

Louis's Bedroom > 

Zayn's Bedroom > 

Cinema Room > 

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